God is Love

Hello everybody!

I’m a young catholic and I’m here to tell the world what’s going on in my brain. As Catholic we are told to believe certain things but are explained why. My goal for this blog is to find out the truths behind Catholicism.

For my first blog I figured I would explore the theme of ‘God is Love’. We so often hear this but what does it really mean? All my life I’ve been told, God is Love so love God and I used to even give talks about this but I would say the typical things like: we are made in His image, we are a thought of God, blah blah blah… But if you don’t understand the word Love you can’t understand the statement God is Love.

Love is word that our society is misinterpreting. Often people associate love with infatuation. I am guilty of associating both of them too. But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about love, true love. What is love? Is it just an emotion? Is it a feeling? Is it something that is given? Can it be taken away? My simple answer is love is a gift from God. But then again going back on the first statement God is Love  it’s like saying God is a gift from God. Which is true! But what does that mean? Lets take a look at Jesus’ life. In His Passion and Resurrection. When Jesus was on the cross He could of said ‘Hey Dad I don’t want to do this’ but no He stayed there so that He could give us the opportunity to be saved from the fires of Hell. Heaven isn’t something guaranteed we still have to work to get there but at least now it’s an option.

You know what made Jesus stay on the cross? I’m sure Jesus didn’t want to stay there since He even said ‘Father why have You forsaken Me?’ Jesus felt betrayed by His Father but He knew He had to go through this pain and suffering for us humans. It was Jesus’ Love for us that held him there. Imagine if you were the only person on earth, Jesus would of still suffered the same excruciating pain to save you. Something that helped me understand was this: When Jesus was on the cross, suffering, He thought of you, He knew you and He died for you. Think about this: Every time we attend mass it’s like we’re living the Passion right? Well it’s exactly like we were at Calvary when He was being crucified. Just a crazy thought that I had.

So all in all, God is Love because He freely gave Himself up for us. Which in my opinion is True Love.


One thought on “God is Love

  1. Jesus’s love for us was so strong that he stayed on that cross for us, just so we could move on to the greater life in heaven. I often like to think that Jesus died so that he could go open heaven’s doors for us.

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