Mass, in a different language

I really love mass! I try to go everyday and I find that if I can’t make it to mass (or if I sleep in) my day is not the same. I really like starting my day with mass because it’s such a pick me up especially when life is really busy. I’m a currently a missionary which means that I travel a lot.

I speak both french and english. I know that it bothers some people that I can switch from one language to another in a snap of the fingers. I never understood how that could frustrate people, to me it’s such a beautiful thing. I love hearing people speak in different languages. But lately I’ve been getting a glimps of how they feel.

Last week I moved to a different community, this community only speaks a french dialect. So I can understand a few words here and there but sometimes I don’t understand at all what they are saying. I’ve been learning this language but it’s still a hard thing to do when I’m so busy. Mass is always in this dialect which is a bit frustrating because I lose focus when the priest is preaching his homily. But I also know that I’m getting special graces from attending mass in this language. I focus more on the readings and try to understand them better. It’s also a good reminder that I shouldn’t just learn the prayers by heart but actually mean the prayers when I say them.

I’m sorry if I ever disrespected anyone by switching language I didn’t mean to disrespect you it’s just my way of expressing myself.  We have to meet in the middle. It’s just hard because it’s like I have my french speaking group of friends and my english speaking group of friends and they can by no means mix. I would love for them to all hang out together but when we start speaking french the anglophone will feel left out. It’s not that we don’t want you to understand it’s just that’s our way of expressing ourselves. It’s the language we feel most comfortable in.

Oh :/ I wasn’t expecting to rant but I guess I did a bit. Have a great Sunday and to all women out there have a great day! Today is international women’s day! Be the true woman you were called to be.


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