Time is something that we can’t explain. It happens whether or not we want it.

Sometimes is goes by really fast. Like when we’re hanging out with friends. But sometimes it goes by really slow like when we’re studying for an exam.

Sometimes we waste our time on the Internet other times we make good use of our time when we have a  good conversation with our mothers.

What I realised, is most of the time when we are in the presence of someone else time flies by. But when alone with nothing to do time drags out. A minute can feel like eternity

Earlier this year I was supposed to help out in a school but the people in charge never gave me stuff to do. Time was going really slow. I was often locked up in my room waiting for something to happen. I was wishing time would go by faster. Now I’m working in an orphanage, always busy with the kids, always something to do. I’m wishing I would have more time with them. I have 45 days left with that kids. 45 days is still quite a bit of days but in my head it’s like my trip is over.

God is timeless, He has neither a beginning nor and ending. He was always there and will always be there. He knows our past, He knows what the future has in store for us. But we  often forget to give a portion of our time to God. How many times has He showered us with graces that we just called ‘luck’. How many times we’re we joyful but thought it was just a result of something we did.

We are selfish with our time. We don’t like to give time to other but imagine if everyone gave an hour of their time to someone else everyday. The world would be a much nicer place.

Give time and receive time.

United in prayer