Reviving a Fading Desire

Life is something that changes in the blink of an eye. One day you’re happy where you are and the next day you can’t understand why God would permit you to be in such a situation.

It’s been a month an a half since I got back from Haiti and I’ve been having a hard time re-adapting to this culture. Since I got back from Haiti I spent a week with my family and I had a blast but after those two weeks were over I started my new job and had to move away again. I love my job, I’m the new coordinator of youth ministry for an archdiocese which works on many reserves.

I fell in love with the aboriginal culture three years ago when I took a program called ‘RéconciliAction’ which teaches us on different cultures. That year we were learning about the aboriginal culture. As I was learning more and more about this culture my desire was growing deeper and deeper to work with them. I knew I could work with them but just yet because I was still in University and wanted to finish my studies. I think this was God foreshadowing  that I would be working there eventually.

After University it’s like my love for this culture faded away. I thought it was just a passing desire and so I moved back with my parents and worked on the farm for the summer to discern what my next step in life would be. Not long after that I was invited to join a one year program called the ‘Catholic Outreach Team’. I spoke with a few people about it and finally I joined. It was long process to apply, I had many papers to fill, an interview and more papers to fill. I know God wanted me in that program because He gave me the patience to go through all those papers.

What I didn’t know about this program was that they go up north on reserve for a few weeks. I was pumped when I heard that! When we were on the reserves that desire that I had a few years ago blossomed.

But then again when my ministry year was over my love for the culture faded. If you have been following my blogs you know that after that I went to Haiti for 8 months. A beautiful place which helped me to grow in love and patience for others.

During my last few months in Haiti I was starting to worry about my plans for when I got back home in Canada but God had a plan for me. One night before going to bed, I asked God about that desire of working with aboriginals, why would creep up then fade away? I wasn’t expecting an answer to this but the next morning my brother sent me an email suggesting that I applied for a certain job. This job seemed way out of my capacities, I studied communications and multimedia not theology or leadership. The job posting he sent me was for a job as a coordinator of youth ministry for an archdiocese.

At first I just ignored it thinking ‘no way, that’s not for me’ but I kept looking back at the email. Finally I checked out where this archdiocese was and noticed that one of the reserves I had been to the previous year was in this arch.. I remembered the people, the culture and the comfort I had with being there.

I applied and today I am working with this culture. I’m falling more and more in love with the people. They are so inspiring and all have such different backgrounds. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me. ❤

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