No Human is Perfect: Part I

I have been asked many time ‘why are you catholic?’ and everytime I come up with a different answer. There are may reasons why I am catholic but the really basic reason why I am catholic is because I want to join God in Heaven. My ultimate goal in life is to become a saint. But I didn’t always think that way.

I grew up in a catholic family but faith didn’t mean anything to me. I went to mass because I was forced to go. I served mass because I liked being the center of attention. I received my first communion when I was in grade 2 and received the sacrament of confirmation when I was in grade 6. I did all these because it was tradition in my family and with school.

I was lucky in high school because I attended a public school but it was very catholic. When I was in grade 12 we would still have morning prayer. So I did get some spiritual nourishment even if I didn’t like it or even wanted. From the outside I looked like this good catholic girl but in the inside I was really struggling because faith made no sense to me.

After high school I moved away to go to university and this is where my life drastically changed. I never stopped going to mass but I still went for the wrong reasons. I went to mass just to please my friends and family.

I guess I should mention that when I was in university I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, I started drinking and going to parties… I even ended up bald…it’s a long story… But I do have to say that I liked being bald.

Not long after I was sitting in a boring class (I hope my prof isn’t reading this :/) and mid class I just had this feeling that I had to go to the Cathedral so I did. The Cathedral is right beside the University so it was just a hop and a skip away.

When I opened the doors to the Cathedral I had this weird feeling which I can’t explain but I just felt like I was supposed to be there. Daily mass was about to start so I did as my parents had taught me. I knelt down and started to pray like I was taught. That was my first honest prayer.

That night I was really confused, I really liked how I felt during mass but I didn’t understand why.

Later that week I went to a house warming party and met a lot of new people. There was something different about these people. They had real joy, something that I had not had since I was really young. I wanted what they had. That night this guy invited my brother and I to a prayer group. I was reluctant to go because I wouldn’t know anyone there. But he went so I followed.

It’s awesome how one single invitation goes a long way. We didn’t know the guy that invited us but we went to the prayer group and it has changed both my brother’s and my life. The guy inviting us probably didn’t know that we were looking for spiritual nourishment and probably invited us just to be nice and make conversation.

I don’t want to make this entry too long so I will keep writing about my conversion in another post…sometime soon… if I feel like it and if you want to know the rest.

On a side note, I went to mass this morning and I really can’t stop smiling. I was in a state where I could receive the Eucharist. Oh the joys that come with mass 🙂 🙂 🙂

We are all sinners and will always be sinners

I have this deep love for mass because I get to receive the Eucharist. This is the best gift anyone can receive daily because it nourishes us in multiple ways. But sadly these past few days I was in a state of mortal sin. This is something that really just drags me down and beats me to the ground. I couldn’t receive the Eucharist on Sunday mass because I was too prideful to even go see a priest and confess my failures. Often my pride gets in the way of things and prevents me in being who I really want to be. Today I went to daily mass and again I was still in a state of mortal sin so I couldn’t receive Communion.

But right after mass I asked my priest if I could have confession and with a big smile he said yes. I always have a fear of asking for confession but know that I will feel much better afterward. So even though I couldn’t receive the Eucharist today I am one step closer to receiving my spiritual nourishment.

I strongly encourage everyone to go to confession because let’s admit it, our soul needs some cleaning. We humans can’t clean it on our own, we need God’s help and forgiveness. The more I participate in this sacrament the more I feel comfortable in my own skin. Admiting my faults isn’t easy but it has to be done. It’s by admitting my faults that I discover who I really am. But let’s not get carried away here, my faults don’t define who I am they just prevent me from being who I am. We often hide behind our sin and blame it one someone or something else.  It’s easy to blame others for our faults but is it worth it?

I am guilty just like everyone else of committing that same sin over and over and confessing it over and over. We all have our different addictions that we have to deal with. But, we can’t deal with it alone. Sharing our addictions with someone else gives courage that there is much more than the addiction, gives the understanding that we are not alone and it gives accountability, someone we can talk to in times of temptation.

We are all broken and we all need help but God is there to provide that help. We just have to accept it.

I am praying for your brokeness, please pray for mine.

My Catholic Living

Driving is a gift

Driving, driving and more driving that’s what I have been doing lately. I have been driving to different communities to meet youth leaders in person. Talking to people on the phone does not even compare to meeting the in person. So these past 10 days I drove to different communities and finally met the people that I kept calling.

These people are very different than what I had imagined. They are all so busy with work, family and just life in general but yet they are willing to help me in this ministry. But now I’m 20150919_170837off topic since I wanted to talk about driving.

I have always enjoyed driving because it’s so quiet and I’m usually alone. I take advantage of this time to think, meditate, pray and just stay in silence. There is this beauty in silence which I can’t really explain. I also make big decisions while driving. Decisions like deciding what I wanted to study in University or like deciding to go to Haiti or even small decisions like what I will be making for supper. Regardless what the decision is, it gives me times to really think about it, the good and the bad. There is always a good and a bad side to every decision but hopefully the good overtakes the bad.

One thing I was thinking about during my last drive which was about 8 hours is why I don’t write regularly on this blog.  I really enjoy writing but I don’t make the time for it. From now one I will try to write at least once a week.

If you have any specific topics you would like me to explore just let me know by either leaving a comment or sending an email to

I would like some feed back.

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Priests are people too

Ever since I started work as coordinator of youth ministry I work closer with the priests of the archdiocese. This was a good reminder that priests are people just like you and I. When I visit the different communities I usually stay at the rectory which means that I actually get to know the priests. The best way to get to know a person is get into there homes because that is the place where they are most comfortable.

Last week I was visiting and meeting many people from a community. At first I was supposed to stay with a couple but she was having health problems so I didn’t want to bother her. So last minute I stayed with the priest at the rectory.

It was nice because this priest got to know me and I got to know him. We talked about our struggles, we talked about our life growing up and we talked about our goals in the future. It was nice to have that deep conversation. I can’t stand the everyday chit chat. So this conversation gave me insights but it also reminded me that regardless the busy schedule of a priest they have the same every day struggles that we have.

I’m glad I got to stay with him because he really inspired me in my work and I think now he has a better understanding of what youth ministry actually is.

Could you please keep Flora in your prayers. She has hip problems and a hard time breathing. And yet she is still helping out as much as she can in the school.

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