Driving is a gift

Driving, driving and more driving that’s what I have been doing lately. I have been driving to different communities to meet youth leaders in person. Talking to people on the phone does not even compare to meeting the in person. So these past 10 days I drove to different communities and finally met the people that I kept calling.

These people are very different than what I had imagined. They are all so busy with work, family and just life in general but yet they are willing to help me in this ministry. But now I’m 20150919_170837off topic since I wanted to talk about driving.

I have always enjoyed driving because it’s so quiet and I’m usually alone. I take advantage of this time to think, meditate, pray and just stay in silence. There is this beauty in silence which I can’t really explain. I also make big decisions while driving. Decisions like deciding what I wanted to study in University or like deciding to go to Haiti or even small decisions like what I will be making for supper. Regardless what the decision is, it gives me times to really think about it, the good and the bad. There is always a good and a bad side to every decision but hopefully the good overtakes the bad.

One thing I was thinking about during my last drive which was about 8 hours is why I don’t write regularly on this blog.  I really enjoy writing but I don’t make the time for it. From now one I will try to write at least once a week.

If you have any specific topics you would like me to explore just let me know by either leaving a comment or sending an email to my.catholic.living@gmail.com

I would like some feed back.

-My Catholic Living

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