Life vs. Work

I have such a hard time balancing my work life and my personal life. Many things have been going on in my personal life and it has been affecting my work life. But I have also had the reverse, my work life being busy and it would affect my personal life.

Sometimes I just need to take a break and think about neither my personal life or my work life and just pray. Pray that God will help me become a better person and also understand my purpose better so that I can better server our Lord. I find that if I don’t pray I get more easily overwhelmed by what is going around in my life. If I take time to ask God if this is what He wants me to do and wait for His response things always go better and I don’t need to stress of them.

I’m still learning what being a coordinator of youth ministry means and it means more to me now than when I first applied to this job. When I applied I was more excited about working with aboriginal youth because I really like their culture but now it means more. It means understanding their culture and seeing how God is already working in their lives even when they can’t see Him.

I have this great analogy and I don’t know if I said it here before but here it is. Before we were even born God has planteIMG_1050d a seed of faith in each and every human. This seeds becomes a tree if we take care of it. Sometimes we have other people taking care of our seed (parents taking care of their kids growing in the faith). But at a certain point in life we have to start taking care of our
faith, we have to take care of our seed.  As a youth minister part of my job is to journey with people, together we get closer to our God. If I don’t give enough water to the seed, it will die. If I give too much water to this seed it will also die. That is why we have to find the just middle of how much we share with others.

I hope that made a bit of sense.

Well I had a busy weekend and should get ready for bed. Good night 🙂

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