Friendship is such a strange thing when I really think about it. Deep down I can befriend anyone since it’s a choice. We choose our friends by our differences and similarities.

For example, if Billy likes to skate and George likes to skate they have a common interest and might become friends but Billy also likes video games and Louis likes video games. Then, Billy and Louis could become friends. BUT that being said now Louis and Billy have a common interest, George. This just shows that we can be friends with people whom we would never think we would befriend.

That doesn’t mean we have to take friendships for granted (which I do too often). I made a few friends in my life journey, great friends and because I had Facebook I would take the friendship for granted. Just because I saw pictures or read what my friends on Facebook were doing it doesn’t mean that I have this closeness. What is lacking? What I think is lacking is real communication. Why not pickup the phone and talk to them? Why not go out for a coffee? At first it was a bit weird when I was not used to it but in the end it was really encouraging.

When speaking in person there is a closeness that can not be reached by chatting. We see the other person’s emotions and feelings. We hear the different tones in their voice, something that is lacking in chats or texting.

I’m not against chatting and texting but I think it should be a mixture of both, real conversations and chats.

When I was in Haiti I was lacking communication with my friends back home and yet struggling with keeping my friends in Haiti. I relied on Facebook to stay in touch with my friends in Canada but we would just chat. This went on for a few months until I noticed that this was actually affecting my mood.

I started skyping with my friends, I admit that it was a bit odd at first but when I came back I had no problem getting back into the way of things and hanging out with these people. I think if I wouldn’t of skyped with them during my time in Haiti I wouldn’t of had the same closeness I had with them when I came back

Have you heard of the five love languages? Well if not here is a quick overview. There are five main love languages: gifts, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation and acts of service. I am a very strong with physical touch which mean that hugs are important to me, that is a way that I feel love. I couldn’t care less about gifts but I do have a friend who’s main love language is gifts. This means that I do put in the extra effort to include that into our friendship. Granted it’s not easy but it’s soooo worth it to see his smile. And he is not into physical touch but when he gives me a hug when we meet up it brings me so much joy. We have to think of others before ourselves. It’s not easy but who said life would be easy? Papa Francisco said to go out into the world and make a mess. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Friendship is just like any other relationships, it takes compromise. The reason we befriend others is to lead them to heaven. It’s the same thing between a married couple.

When is the last time you did something for a friend even though you did not want to?

One thought on “Friends?

  1. Yes but “friendship” is just the modality God chose to form and rise His people. That’s why common friendship is good but only real true Friendship is great and necessary. Think Cèline to convert the world He gave accountability to a team of friends to spread His taughts: from the apostles and the disciples up to….you and me now!
    Listen this firendship’s definition I have loved since a few: “A true friendship is, lately, a honest love for your neighbour’s Destiny..”
    And if you are all interested in whom who told that let me know and I will be more explicative. 😉
    A bientot, F.


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