Love Languages

Who remembers the five love language?

No I’m not talking about spanish or french… I’m talking about the ways we receive and give love to others. I briefly talked about it in another post. But this time I wanted to go a bit more in depth.

Before I go any further I’ll just explain what the different languages are.

Word of affirmation: compliments, acknowledgement and reassurance.
Gifts: Giving something
Acts of service: Doing something (that didn’t need to be done) for someone else
Physical touch: hugs, kisses, high-fives, holding hands, sitting right beside someone.
Quality time: Spending some of your time with someone. Continue reading “Love Languages”

One more push-up!

I’m not sure what I want to talk about this time so I’ll just start writing and see where it leads. Have you ever had a really good idea and then when you want to execute that idea it kinds just disappears. When I woke up I swear I had a good idea but now it’s gone.  I guess I’ll just share about my new plans. Well they aren’t really plans but because the theme for our ministry year is ‘New Beginnings’ and I’ve been trying to apply that to my own life.

This includes getting into shape! Not an easy thing but I’m guessing in the end it will be worth it. I got back into swimming. I used to swim when I was in high school but that’s a few years ago. I really enjoy swimming because it’s like spending quality time with myself and it’s always a new challenge. Can I beat my personal record this time. Sometimes I can other times I can’t. Try and fail but don’t fail to try. 

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A busy week!

This last week was a CRAZY week for me. It all started on November 9th when I drove to one of our isolated communities. It was a really nice drive, no snow, the sun wasn’t in my eyes. All in all it was a great time for me get ready for the week.

I was invited to two of our northern communities to lead youth gatherings. At first I thought I would only have two gatherings and two drop-ins. Boy o’ boy was I wrong! Continue reading “A busy week!”

Me? a mother?

I am loving this week. I was a bit nervous about this week because I wasn’t too sure how to prepare for it. I’m currently in a different community to lead some sort of youth gathering. Our first gathering was on Monday and again we had no idea how many people would show up and even less their age.

For this gathering I mostly planned games, something to make them feel wanted and also a way for them to express whatever they are going through. I think I was having more fun than the youth, haha. I had so much fun and these youth were very welcoming and warmhearted.

The next day we had another gathering but this time we ended with the rosary and mass. And you know how kids are, they like to move around and like to make noise. It was a bit hard to keep them quiet to start the rosary but once we started they got involved and surprisingly stayed quiet.

I was leading the rosary but having a hard time doing so. Not because I don’t know the prayers but because it was s such a deep time of prayer for me. I felt this blanket of peace of me. I did shed a few tears ad was having a hard time pronouncing the words out loud. You know when you have that crying feeling with like this bubble in your throat? Well that’s how it was for me. But it was such an intense moment that I didn’t care about what was going around me. It was me and my God. After the rosary I just had to go outside to take a breath of fresh air. And as soon as I left the church I had a break down. TO me this was a good reminder that prayer is a gift. We have to put the extra efforts in our prayers. Sure it’s easy to repeat the hail Mary 10 times but if your heart isn’t in it then it’s really not worth it.

Experiences like these are a gift from God.

Because of our different likes and dislikes it’s easier to connect with some people over others. But at these two gatherings there were three girls with whom I really connect and I know they felt comfortable with me because they would call me  ‘mom’. For me this was a reminder that to be a mother you don’t need biological kids. Is this a sign from God? I don’t know but I know it is causing me to restart discerning religious life.

Actually it was really funny because I am working with the priest in this community and naturally I would call him Father. So these girls put two and two together and they said that Father was their actual father and I was their mother. They said that they were our children. I thought it was really cute but I also hope that this doesn’t get taken out of context, haha. I don’T have biological kids but I do have my adopted kids. I am always ready to be a mother to those who are in need.

What a scary thought… Me? a Mother? I’m not ready to be a mother…. or am I? Oh too many questions….

-My Catholic Living

Life is beautiful

This entry will be a bit different. In 2012 I participated in the March for Life in the city where I was studying. I wasn’t too sure why I was participating because at the time I really didn’t care about my faith, I was just living up to my fleshly desires.

I had biked to the place where the walk was starting and on the way there I was feeling some sort of peace come over me. I wasn’t going to this walk for the right reasons but I was still going to walk. At the time I was still transitioning from living for myself to living for God. I was quite lonely because I was in the process of changing my group of friends and I knew I could meet new people at this walk and I knew they would also have some sort of positive influence on me.  Continue reading “Life is beautiful”

Breaking the cycle

I have to start by apologizing. I have been complaining a lot in the last few posts. I guess it shows that I have been struggling a lot. Struggling is part of life but what we do with our struggles matters. These past few days I’ve just been gloomy and living for the sake of living. I wasn’t living my life to it’s full potential but rather living out my flesh life. We have to choose whether we want to live for ourselves or for God we can’t do both. This past week I was living for myself, falling into flesh desires and not trying to understand what God wanted from me. This is a cycle and it’s not easy to get out of.

Last night I summed up the courage to ask for confession. This was one ofserenity the best confession I have had in years. I feel like I can completely let go of a certain burden that I was carrying. I want to stop this fight I was having against myself and let God take care of it. I feel renewed and ready to face to world!

As I’m trying to reverse this cycle so if you have extra prayers send them this way. I’m trying to put in the extra effort to be happier and lead a healthier life.

Happiness is a choice but joy comes from God. We have to choose to be happy and when we choose to be happy it’s easier to see the joy that God is giving us daily. I have been going over and over my 12 steps book and it has been bringing me more healing than I ever expected. I strong encourage all those who want to know the deeper meaning of struggles to take this program. This program allows people to get a deeper knowledge of self and how we can become a better version of ourselves.

This is a Youtube clip that I found the other day and I found it very fitting with what I was going through. It’s a song with personal testimonies. Colton Dixon –Through All Of It

Am I choosing to be happy? Today I challenge you, try smiling more. Smiling is like instant happiness for me. I’m smiling right now for all of you and I wish you could all see it. 🙂