Breaking the cycle

I have to start by apologizing. I have been complaining a lot in the last few posts. I guess it shows that I have been struggling a lot. Struggling is part of life but what we do with our struggles matters. These past few days I’ve just been gloomy and living for the sake of living. I wasn’t living my life to it’s full potential but rather living out my flesh life. We have to choose whether we want to live for ourselves or for God we can’t do both. This past week I was living for myself, falling into flesh desires and not trying to understand what God wanted from me. This is a cycle and it’s not easy to get out of.

Last night I summed up the courage to ask for confession. This was one ofserenity the best confession I have had in years. I feel like I can completely let go of a certain burden that I was carrying. I want to stop this fight I was having against myself and let God take care of it. I feel renewed and ready to face to world!

As I’m trying to reverse this cycle so if you have extra prayers send them this way. I’m trying to put in the extra effort to be happier and lead a healthier life.

Happiness is a choice but joy comes from God. We have to choose to be happy and when we choose to be happy it’s easier to see the joy that God is giving us daily. I have been going over and over my 12 steps book and it has been bringing me more healing than I ever expected. I strong encourage all those who want to know the deeper meaning of struggles to take this program. This program allows people to get a deeper knowledge of self and how we can become a better version of ourselves.

This is a Youtube clip that I found the other day and I found it very fitting with what I was going through. It’s a song with personal testimonies. Colton Dixon –Through All Of It

Am I choosing to be happy? Today I challenge you, try smiling more. Smiling is like instant happiness for me. I’m smiling right now for all of you and I wish you could all see it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breaking the cycle

  1. Well I think complaining it’not always a bad thing,nay a good rant may beuuseful. I often complain and sometimes I found myself surprisingly doing that maybe to get more attention or being cuddled by someone who is even no more in my life….
    But You know miss C. perhaps we often desire to be cuddled secretly by God, by means of His Holy Mother…and who knows if in our nightly dreams She acts like, that…:-)
    Many important psalms are true complainings, or “worse” direct sheer cries to God!! (how many times we complain with our natural dad for our inner pain thou?..

    To me the real sin is murmuring, not complaining but As I happen to do that too I prefer to stop here and to say to you: C. go on and trust in your Shepherd! and we will try to follow your particular example


  2. I ask pardon but I write on a staggering bus..before I talked about what pushes us to express in a way we find as not grateful : the complaining. But So I missed a little the point of C’s article: how to recognize our life’s vocation and why do we feel alone when we are in that way.
    Please oncoming and old blogger friends say yours and help in this very interesting discussion, just only to help her who “struggles for real life”. The true issue is that always life a little scares us, and the dark we constantly feel and it’s not spared to us is mainly given by the obstacles from “creatures made not of flesh and blood but fallen spirits”. So really not a trivial issue.


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