Life is beautiful

This entry will be a bit different. In 2012 I participated in the March for Life in the city where I was studying. I wasn’t too sure why I was participating because at the time I really didn’t care about my faith, I was just living up to my fleshly desires.

I had biked to the place where the walk was starting and on the way there I was feeling some sort of peace come over me. I wasn’t going to this walk for the right reasons but I was still going to walk. At the time I was still transitioning from living for myself to living for God. I was quite lonely because I was in the process of changing my group of friends and I knew I could meet new people at this walk and I knew they would also have some sort of positive influence on me. 

On this walk I actually met up with my brother. I wasn’t expecting on seeing him there and I’m sure he wasn’t expecting on seeing me there. I bonded quite well with him that day. I was always close to my siblings but I never was open about all my doubts of faith with them. They knew I wasn’t leading a healthy life and yet they accepted me for who I was. They didn’t try to change me they just kept loving me and praying for me. And that was probably the best thing they could of done for me. Anyway I’m off topic now.

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.Psalm 138:8

During this walk my brother explained to me why abortion and euthanasia were wrong. It made complete sense to me now. I look up to this brother because he has always encouraged me to use my gifts and talents. I know I can go to him whenever there is something going on in my life. He’s someone I can be completely open about things. But this relationship grew because we met up by accident and actually spent some time together.

The following year, in 2013, I went to this walk and I knew my brother would be there with his family. I was so happy to see his wife and kids. I got to hang out with my nephew and my niece.

As many of you know I really love kids and really hope to have kids in the future. Whatever vocations God has in store for me I know that it will have to do with children. They bring me so much joy and happiness. Before having this job I spend two years working with kids; leading retreats, visiting youth prisons, games nights and after that working in schools and an orphanage in Haiti. God had blessed me with this deep appreciation for there love and laughter. A child’s laughter can brighten anyone’s day. And there smile can bring peace and calmness to any situation.

Canada will be opening their first assisted suicide clinic next year. This scares me because most people who do go through assisted suicide aren’t the ones who agree on it but rather their care takers. Please if you can send letters to the Canadian government stating your point of view on this. We have to stand up for what we believe. Every life on this earth matters, we all have a purpose and a reason to be. Don’t let other let you think other wise. We all go through difficult situations but does escaping from the situation make it better? Not really you’re just running away from it.

Please pray for all lives, big and the small because we all matter. Live out your purpose until God calls you back to home. And also pray for those who have suffered through abortions. We all make mistakes and we can’t condemn them for that. Pray both for the mother and the father but also for their child.

Keep on smiling because life is beautiful,

-My Catholic Living

2 thoughts on “Life is beautiful

  1. Hello sister in Christ!

    Another wonderful entry. My father was very ill and eventually died of his illnes. The euthanasia supporters hide and cover their sick ideas by calling assisted suicide death with dignity. The turth is that even this “death with dignity” nonesense can easily be argued. My dad died of his illnes. He suffered much, especially towards the end of his life. Does that mean he did not die with dignity? According to the pro euthanasia nuts he did die with no dignity. But no. That was the true dignity. To embrace suffering is the dignity, and honor. Not giving up till the end.

    Not only that. This is a salvation issue not just for those who commit suicide, but also for those that assist. Even more so for them poor souls that are deceived in believing that this is a right thing to have ”a choice” and directly or indirectly support it.

    God bless you,



    1. I’m sorry to hear that David but I’m happy that your father died with dignity. We need to pray for those who are thinking about committing assisted suicide and those who are encouraging it. I hold these people at heart because they are hurting for thinking this way. Deep down in our core we don’t want to die but sometimes it feels like the only option. Believe me when I say it’s not. We all have struggles and we can overcome them and if we don’t it’S because we weren’t called to overcome them but rather learn from it.
      Dave keep fighting the good fight!


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