A busy week!

This last week was a CRAZY week for me. It all started on November 9th when I drove to one of our isolated communities. It was a really nice drive, no snow, the sun wasn’t in my eyes. All in all it was a great time for me get ready for the week.

I was invited to two of our northern communities to lead youth gatherings. At first I thought I would only have two gatherings and two drop-ins. Boy o’ boy was I wrong!

The first evening we had a gathering and like usual, we were on Native times so instead of starting at 6 we started at 7. I spoke a bit about the gathering in my last post. These kids really accepted me and loved me for who I am. It was great. We had gatherings the following two evenings. And they both went really well. I had such a hard time saying goodbye to these kids. It’s like they were my own. They kept calling me ‘mom’ or ‘aunty’. Awe that’s probably the biggest compliment someone could give me.

The second place I went to was even more isolated. The priest wasn’t really expecting many people at these gatherings. Maybe 5 people…. But again, God surprised us! There were over 30 and they were all teenagers!

I prefer journeying with teenagers because they respond better to what we talk about. They usually share deeper about what they go through.

We explored 2 themes, working through our brokenness and chastity. And they really paid attention and questioned a lot. This made me feel very comfortable and I know they were also comfortable because they kept asking me to stay longer and to go visit them.

I did end up staying a day longer because they asked me to do the opening talk for the addictions awareness week. I’ve told you guys before that I have struggled with an addiction before, well, I could speak openly about it here and I wouldn’t get judged.

The more openly we share with others the more openly they will share with you.

I got back home yesterday and now it’s SNOWING!!!! I really like snow! It’s so beautiful and white and so fluffy.


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