Relating vs. Understanding

Hey! Life is great eh? That’s like my new saying now. I really like this because when we really think of it… Life being great is a choice. If we choose to be miserable then life will be miserable. If we choose to be happy then our life will be filled with happiness. 

Last week I was thinking about the difference between relating to someone and understanding them. In my opinion there is a big difference. I did a program called ‘Returning to Spirit’ this deals a lot with forgiveness between Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals and in the program they also spoke about stories and events. We all have stories and events in our life. But what is the difference? An event is a thing that happens in our life and a story is the same as an event but with emotional attachments. For example: in high school I had very low self-esteem. The event is being in high school but the story is all the positive and negative feelings I have attached with it.

I’m talking about that because it’s almost impossible to know exactly what someone is going through. We can relate to what others are going through but we can never fully understand because we all have different stories.

The reason I was thinking about this is because when I was on my last trip visiting one of the communities a family had asked me to go visit them. Little did I know about what they were going through. Their grand-daughter/daughter/sister had recently committed suicide. My first instinct was to talk about my personal experience with suicide but the more I thought about it the more I knew it wasn’t right. Sometimes it’s best to not try to relate but just to question and let them talk about whatever they need to talk about. The more we let others talk the more we get to know them and have an idea of they are going through.

So this is just a thought that came to mind… Let me know what you think about it. I would like to get some feedback on it. Does it makes sense or am ISt_KateriTekakwitha going crazy?


And on a side note, Saint Kateri pray for us! Isn’t she so beautiful?


-My Catholic Living

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