Love Languages

Who remembers the five love language?

No I’m not talking about spanish or french… I’m talking about the ways we receive and give love to others. I briefly talked about it in another post. But this time I wanted to go a bit more in depth.

Before I go any further I’ll just explain what the different languages are.

Word of affirmation: compliments, acknowledgement and reassurance.
Gifts: Giving something
Acts of service: Doing something (that didn’t need to be done) for someone else
Physical touch: hugs, kisses, high-fives, holding hands, sitting right beside someone.
Quality time: Spending some of your time with someone.People often think their love language differs from one person to another but it shouldn’t be that way. Sure the degree of it will be different but the language should remain the same. For example I am a very strong physical touch and when I meet up with my family I usually do something called ‘la bise’ this is a giving a kiss on both cheeks of the other person and then it leads to a hug. That being said I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that to a complete stranger so I would probably just give a handshake.

Both of these are examples of physical touch but on a different level.

The other day I was thinking about the different love languages in my family. My father is secretly a quality time kind of person but he makes his wife invite people for him. And he is definitely not physical touch. I would rarely ever see my parents hold hands or kiss growing up. One of my brothers, the one who is just three years older than me is exactly like my dad. He can’t stand physical touch but when it comes to quality time he’s the one to initiate it. He’s the brother that would call me up and ask me to go out for a coffee with him. And then I would be the one who wants a hug before we go our separate ways. I always make him suffer through a hug but he knows how much it means to me. You don’t know how big my smiles is as I’m writing this. I’m just thinking of all the times he suffered through hugs that I would give him.

We can express all these love language with God as well.

Word of affirmation: Seeing God in others and ourselves
Gifts: Giving to people in need.
Acts of service: Being Christ like and helping the people in our surrounding
Physical touch: The Eucharist
Quality time: Praying

This doesn’t mean that we should only follow what our love language says to do. Don’t let yourself be defined by this. We all have qualities of the 5 love languages but some are stronger than others.

What are your love languages? I’m kinda curious about all this.

-My Catholic Living


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