Are you actually catholic?

I had never heard of a lay service until I moved up north. Now sometimes I don’t have the opportunity to go to mass so I go to a lay service. Oh wait a second you might be thinking What the heck is she talking about? Isn’t Sunday mass an obligation? Well long story short it’s not always possible to have a priest in for mass.

Like I said before I am in northern Canada and I don’t know if you ever looked on a Canadian map before but you would notice that in this area all the communities are miles and miles apart. In this archdiocese we have 47 communities but only 14 priests in a very big area of 430,000 square km.

People often ask me Why don’t you just drive to where there is a priest? And this is where I have to laugh because then I would have to explain that I would have to drive hours or even take a plane to get to where a priest is. I wish I was exaggerating when I say that but I’m not.

In some of our communities we only have access by plane because of the many lakes. If the winters are cold enough we have something called ice roads but these are only open for maybe two months. So it means that traveling between communities really isn’t easy.

That being said we have something we call lay services when we don’t have  a priest present. What Catholics have lay services? You can’t be a real Catholic if you go to that…. Yep I hear that too often and it’s really starting to annoy me.

Basically a lay service is the same Sunday readings you would have at Mass (including the Gospel read by the lay leader) with a reflection about the readings. And after that we have the breaking of the Bread Breaking of the Bread?!? How the heck does that happen if the priest isn’t there to consecrate the hosts?!?  So what happens is that when the priest goes to this parish he consecrate many hosts and keeps them in the Tabernacle.

I want to say it’s similar to Mass but at the same time it’s not really. People who lead lay services actually have more artistic freedom. I don’t want to write too much so I will keep it at that.

If you have any questions about lay services please comment below or send me an email. I would rather you ask questions than silently judge these services. It’s so easy to make up our mind about something without knowing much about it.


5 thoughts on “Are you actually catholic?

    1. First of all we don’t pray to Mary, we ask her to pray for us just like we ask out fellow brothers and sisters to pray for us. Secondly Mary was born without sin and still was without sin when she bore the Son of God.
      And as for works we need to express out love for God. If one prays but we don’t see joy in their life what’s the point of the prayers? If one is looking god a job and only praying for it without actually applying what is the point of the prayers? We need to actively love God with our actions and not just in prayer.


      1. Yes you pray to Mary. Asking her to pray for us is “praying” to her! You have to pray to her, you cannot call her on your cell! There is nothing in the Bible that says that Mary can simultaneously hear the prayers of people all over the world, in different languages, spoken, and thought, an attribute that God possesses. But, the Catholic Church says that she can. It simply is made up and not biblical!

        Mary was not born sinless! If that is the case, why did she need to offer an atonement according to Old Testament Law (Lev. 12:1-8) after giving birth to Jesus?  In the Old Testament, it was only the mother who needed purifying after a birth because of the issue of blood. She was ritually unclean. If she had a male child, the days of her period of uncleanness was seven days, then the child was circumcised, then she remained unclean for 33 days (v. 4)–for a total of 40 days. If Mary was sinless how could she also be unclean? It is once again a mad up story from the Roman Catholic Church.

        Mary had to offer a sacrifice for uncleanness and as it says in Leviticus 12:8, a sacrifice for sin offering that is an atonement. Why would Mary, if she is sinless as the Roman Catholics assert, be unclean and also need a sacrifice?

        You need to repent and follow the Word of God! The Roman Catholic Church has been apostate for centuries.

        God Bless!


        Brian Mason


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