This past weekend I was really lucky because I got to babysit a new born. This boy is not even 2 weeks old and yet he’s already in a foster home, a good foster home. His foster mom is such a holy person and an inspiration to me. I met her through daily mass. I try to go to daily mass on a regular bases and I know that she does the same so eventually we got to know each other. This is how I got to know that she is now fostering 2 boys and they are bother under 2 years old. This must be such a crazy household!!!

On Sunday I was really lucky because she asked me if I could babysit her baby while she went to mass and I agreed whole-heartedly. Maybe this is a sign for my vocation laat-de-kinderen-tot-Mij-komenmaybe it isn’t but when I was holding this baby I kept on thinking about the blindness and carelessness this child has. He completely relies on someone else to take care of him. A great reminder that we have to completely rely on God to take care of us. 

How often do we think we can do it on our own? I was thinking a lot about that. Doing it on my own usually consists of doing my own will and not God’s will and those don’t usually match but now I’m on a tangent I wanted to talk about babies not my will…

Baby Adrien slept most of the time when I babysat him but he did wake up once and open his eyes. He was very curious and kept looking around. We humans are naturally curious. We look around, try new things, sometimes get in trouble and have to find a way out. Well it’s this getting in trouble part that caught my attention. We learn by our mistakes, we learn when we struggle. I’m not encouraging anyone to get in trouble but I’m saying that we can learn from the situation in which we were in trouble.

I used to struggle a lot with alcohol, drinking way past my limit… well I can’t really say that because I didn’t have a limit. And I don’t by any means encourage it but I have learned a lot from it. When I drank I became a different person… actually I hesitate saying that because I was always me but just under the influence. It’s just when I drank I had no fears. Why did I fear being me? Well that’s a completely other subject. Yes I’m comparing a baby to someone drinking (well sorta… try to follow). This baby doesn’t even know who he is yet but he is his true self because he doesn’t know otherwise. Then there was me who was trying to be someone else because I didn’t know who I was (or I knew who I was but didn’t like it). Holding this baby reminded me that I shouldn’t try to be someone else but rather be the person God made me to be. I have a purpose and God has a plan for me.

God said Let the little children come to me…. We are all called to be children in our faith. Question everything and try to understand, be curious but about the right things and finally be yourself. God created us out of His own beauty and we often criticize our own beauty. By doing that we are criticizing the work of our God.

Be a child and face the world with a smile even when it’s tough.

God bless,

-My Catholic Living

3 thoughts on “Babies!

  1. Yes. How much ever we may pride in the fact that we are self sufficient, powerful and healthy, we must always remember the fact that we are helpless and weak before the mighty God.


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