One More Question

Céline, you ask too many questions. I often heard that growing up. As a child I was naturally curious like most children. Children ask why and I really like it when they do so. Yes it can get annoying sometimes but it shows that they are interested on learning.

I learn a lot by asking questions and I would imagine many people learn this way. But this is something that I don’t see much in adults. There was a time in my life where I felt that if I asked questions people would think that I was dumb. That is a really silly thought but that’s how I felt. I’m not talking about questions like what time is it? but rather questions like why are you doing that? or what is the purpose of that? Question everything and I think St. Augustine says it quite well: 

“Question the beauty of the earth, question the beauty of the sea, question the beauty of the air, amply spread around everywhere, question the beauty of the sky, question the serried ranks of the stars, question the sun making the day glorious with its bright beams, question the moon tempering the darkness of the following night with its shining rays, question the animals that move in the waters, that amble about on dry land, that fly in the air; their souls hidden, their bodies evident; the visible bodies needing to be controlled, the invisible souls controlling them; question all these things. They all answer you, ‘Here we are, look ; we’re beautiful.”

We have to question these things and not take them for granted. I was raised in the middle of no where. The population of that small town is maybe 50. There are more cows in that town than humans. But the beauty in that town is something I took for granted: the really nice people, the weather, the trees, the fields, the sunsets and the sunrises. All these things I would ignore thinking I wanted to be somewhere else. And now I miss them.

Now I’m in a bigger town and it’s harder for me to see the sunsets and sunrises. I know they are still there but I can’t just see it from the window now. I have to actively go in search for it. I found this area where the sunsets reflect on the river and man o’ man is it ever beautiful. Also where I live now is a different terrain too. It’s more hilly and rocky, something I didn’t have back home.

It’s crazy how we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Here are a few photos from my different travels with work.


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