Letter to my future husband II


I’m still thinking about you. Do you think we have already met? You’re still in my prayers and everyday I’m thriving to become a better person so that when we are both ready we can start our life together.

I have to let you know that I personally am not ready for this kind of relationship. I have made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t get into a romantic relationship until I was ready. I’m working on getting ready for you and I feel like I will soon be ready for you. I hope that when we meet we will be ready for each other. I seriously can’t wait to be a wife and a mother but most importantly I can’t wait to help you get to heaven. The ultimate goal of marriage is to lead your spouse to heaven and that’s what I want to do and I know that you will be doing the same for me.

I am very excited to start a life with you.

I just wanted to send you another letter to let you know that I’m still praying for you.

I love you,

My Catholic Living

(see first letter to my future husband)

5 thoughts on “Letter to my future husband II

    1. I somewhat agree with you. When procreating (having sex) we are renewing our marriage vows. When we get married we agree to being faith, fruitful and to fully give ourselves to our spouse by doing so we should be leading out spouse close to heaven. Good reflection Michigan Man.

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