We all have a name but our name doesn’t really belong to us. What a crazy thought. My name is Céline but I shouldn’t let my names define who I am. But I thought of something kinda cool the other while chatting with someone. OK this might be far fetched but just keep on reading. Ok so when we indicate something important such as God we put a capital letter. If we talk about the Church we put a capital letter. If we talk about the Eucharist we put a capital letter. All these things have a capital letter because they indicate the presence of God.

Now here comes the crazy part. All our names start with a capital letter. Does this indicate the presence of God in my life? I would like to think so. Even the so called atheists’ name starts with a capital letter. And I truly believe that God is working in their lives too.

I hope this makes a bit of sense and maybe it’s far fetched but I find it comforting.

And on a side note, growing up I didn’t really like my name because I thought it was too french. Not many people could pronounce it or they would always make the Céline Dion joke. For those of you who don’t know Céline Dion is a Canadian singer who was quite popular but now her popularity is going down. I hear some sort of Céline Dion joke maybe once or twice a week so I got used to it.

Now I like my name because not only was it given to me by my parents but it is also a way to express my culture and my love for God. The name Céline in Latin is ‘caelum’ meaning sky or heaven. When I first meet people I often talk both of these. It’s a great conversation starter but sometimes it also get me in trouble but I won’t get into this today.

Be happy with the name you have! But at the same time don’t be afraid to have nicknames because that makes life much more interesting and fun. We need a balance of both.

-My Catholic Living




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