No ‘poo

I have to share a story that made me feel strong. It might sound a bit silly to you but eh whatever. So my archbishop and myself started watching a series called 100 (or something like that). We started watching an episode on Sunday night but our Internet/Netflix wasn’t working too well so it took longer than expected. As I wrote in one of my latest posts, I struggle with going to bed at a reasonable time but when we were watching I noticed it was later than the set time I have for bed so I decided to miss the last 7 minutes of the episode and actually go to bed. It was a small victory for me that I could just get up an leave an intense scene in the episode and go to bed. Hurray for small victories!

Also I’ve been doing something pretty cool lately too. Many people will think it’s odd but eh again I don’t really care because it’s a choice I made. So I’ve been on this kick to become more green and there are many ways one can do that but the one I’m concentrating on is using less bottled products. So no more bottles such as shampoo and soaps. Now I know what you’re thinking no more shampoo, gross.

At first I thought it was gross too but then I researched it and was reminded that shampoo is actually a new thing. Back in the old days they didn’t have shampoo. Shampoo has so many chemicals that I can’t even pronounce and they strip the natural oil out of the hair.

I’m on my second week of not using shampoo and I’m wanting to give up but I won’t. They call this no ‘poo, it stands for no shampoo…

Oh something I failed to mention is that I wash with water only and if it gets really bad then I use baking power (as a dry shampoo). I’m in the transition stage which means that the first few weeks my hair will have to readjust the amount of oil. Right now there is no way that I would leave my hair down, it’s always up so it looks less greasy.

This is my new experiment, I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

How else can I go green or natural? Please give me more ideas.

-My Catholic Living



2 thoughts on “No ‘poo

  1. Good for you! I would love to try the no ‘poo but my hair gets sooo greasy even after just a day that I know the first few days (or weeks) would be very difficult especially with going to work every day. Let me know how it works out for you though!


    1. My hair gets really oily too but I hope to get through this transitional stage fast enough. The less often I wash it now the faster the transition will go, I hope… I just hope by Christmas it’s better or else it’s back in the bun. haha

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