Friends with Common Interests


Ok, call me crazy but just follow what I’m saying here. You know when you have a long drive and you’ve been following a car for like an hour on a the highway. Well I don’t know if it’s just me but I tend to build some sort of bond with the other driver. It’s like we are the best of friends just because we are heading the same direction. You just want to give a hug to the other driver. Then the unthinkable happens, the other driver turns somewhere else and you’re not following the other car anymore. This bond that was created is gone and it will never be there again because you never actually met the other person.

This is exactly how it is with people whom we befriend because of a common interest. We talk about the common interest but never about the deeper stuff we are living.  For example: when I go swimming (which I do between 3-5 times a week) I talk with the lifeguards and my fellow swim mates. We talk about our personal records, the different strokes and which muscles we want to work on that specific day. But we never talk about the deeper things in our life. We just build on this fake bond that we have. If it wasn’t for meeting up for lap swim that bond wouldn’t be there. 

How often do we take our friendships for granted? With one small change so many friendships can disappear.

Now why am I saying all of this? I was trying to make this work with my relationship with God and wasn’t too sure how to make it work but it’s quite simple. How often to do I rely on God loving me but don’t actually put the effort in loving Him back. I feel like all I need to do is go to mass. I rely on mass for it to strengthen this relationship but if it wasn’t for mass I would be completely lost.

We have to go further than just the basic bond but try to actually know the people we encounter. We have to actually talk and not just the small talk but the deeper stuff too. Yes I know I have a hard time talking about the deeper things in my life but I have a few friends to whom I can confide. I also have God, I have to listen to what He tells me but I also have to tell Him what I’m thinking. Yes God knows what we are thinking but it’s very much different when we actually tell Him because that means that we actually have to think of it.

How many times do I not tell God things because ‘oh yea He already knows’? Too many times…  It’s when we tell Him that we can meditate more on these things. Just like confession, yes we can ask God to forgive our sins but when we go to confession we actually voice our sins and I don’t know if it’s like this for others but I usually become emotional. It hits homes.

Do I have friends just because of common interests? Do I try to get to know them? If that common interests was to disappear, would we still be friends?

2 thoughts on “Friends with Common Interests

  1. Aristotle tells us that there are three types of friends: friends of pleasure, friends of convenience (people we befriend because we can derive some sort of benefit from them), and friends that are following the same path.

    The former two will pass when their conditions similarly disappear, the third type of friend remains for life, or at least as long as you are following the same path.


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