Best compliment ever

Today I received the most beautiful compliments. You will be a great mother, I see those qualities in you and a baby looks good on you.

I did something for the first time today, I brought a baby to mass. This is the same baby I spoke about in one of my last post. I was very nervous of doing so because what if he started to cry? What if I needed to feed him during mass? What if he disturbed everyone around me? And what would people think of a young woman walking in the the church with a young baby? These are all things I worried about. What would people think of me? I often think of that when really it doesn’t matter what people think of me especially if I’m living the live that God has planned for me.

Because I brought Adrien to mass I kinda had a glimpse of what parents go through when they bring their kids to mass. It can get intimidating and frustrating, especially when the children don’t cooperate. I don’t like attention and bringing kids to mass always brings attention.

I was really touched with the Gospel reading too. I find Mary and Elizabeth to be very intimate regardless their age difference. Elizabeth is the first person to acknowledge that Mary is carrying our Saviour in her womb. What a beautiful situation. I always saw carrying a child in your womb as something so intimate, two people can’t get as close as a mother carrying her child.

No I wasn’t carrying this child in my womb but I can still show him love. During elevation I couldn’t see the altar so I couldn’t only worship from afar without seeing. Well maybe I couldn’t give Him the praise that was due but I could surely see the Love of God in this baby. During the elevation he was sleeping in my arms and I could just sense God telling me Céline thank you for taking care of my son. I have called you and you answered, thank you my beloved daughter. Wow! strong words!! Needless to say this mass was very powerful to me.

This month I’ve been seriously praying about my vocation and I think this is my answer. It’s the same answer I got last month. God is letting me know that I would be a great mother and a great sister but I have to choose which one I want to pursue. All that I know is whichever one I decide to pursue will include children.

I was looking at a very interesting congregation in New York, the Sisters of Life. Basically they take in single moms and help them get back on track.

But I’ve been also looking at the possibility of marriage. Eh who knows what the future has in store for me. For now I’m happy being single, but if you have a good looking guy who wants many kids to suggest for me just let me know 😛

-My Catholic Living

3 thoughts on “Best compliment ever

  1. Great post, My Catholic Living. Couple things came to mind mind while reading… (1) I’ve heard that babies can sense when they are supposed to be silent. I myself am an advocate for the Holy Roman Rite of Mass (sometimes called the ‘Latin Mass’) and what I always find amazing about it is that it is quite 90% of the time. The priest is leading the laity through the prayers, but the laity are reading the prayers while the priest speaks them. What is interesting (maybe you know this and this is coming across as condescending!) is that the families who tend to participate in these traditional Masses tend to have very large, very young families. It’s amazing to me is that the infants and newborns are quiet throughout the Mass much more often than you would realize. Some have speculated that the ambiance of the Mass without guitars but with chant, without people up there singing or reading through a microphone but with prayer, aut cetera, is the quiet that the infants can sense. It’s the same quiet that old ladies, or young men (guilty), sense when they pray, and it’s what maintains the atmosphere. Anyway… this wasn’t supposed to be an advertisement for the ‘Latin Mass’ but rather I was trying to suggest that a child can even sense the Divine if he or she is in the right environment! I certainly hope that someday all my children will remain in a state of awe throughout the entire Mass!
    (2) Lastly, I just wanted to say that I will pray for your vocation too. Not so much me praying for you to enter a convent, or for you to marry, but just that you might more fully sense God’s calling for you. There is just as much a shortage of Catholic (capital C) mothers and fathers are there are Catholic Mothers and Fathers (if you get the distinction!).
    Thanks for the post!

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  2. I have only been to Latin Mass once and I do have to that it would take me a while to get used to it. It’s very different than what I’m used to. Right now I don’t have the option to attend such a mass because of where I live BUT I’m heading to the city in a few day and I will look if I can go back. I’ll keep you posted.
    I agree with what you are saying about vocations and I thank you for the prayers. Please know good sir that you are also in my prayers even though I’m not too sure where you are in your discernment process. Keep up the good work sport!


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