Lobster friends

I’m laying in my bed thinking what can I write about tonight? Maybe Christmas, maybe New years, maybe something about my family or maybe something really random like my sister who is sitting right beside me telling me to write about turtles. I’m sure she’s thinking about the chocolate turtles since it’s Christmas but knowing her she’s really random so probably a squished turtle that she saw beside the road 5 and half years ago.

I really love my youngest sister but sometimes she can be a real PEST!! We have so many good times like a peanut butter jar flying in the wall out of anger and leaving a mark which mom never asked about until she repainted the wall. My o’ my was I happy that I wasn’t there when my sister confessed about it and am I ever happy that my sister has terrible aim. Out of this excursion we invented a new game called 123 couvert de salsa which is french for 123 salsa jar lid. It’s really fun, dangerous and entertaining but we can only play it when mom isn’t home. It goes in the same category as living room baseball with a broom and a teddy bear. O that poor teddy bear called trou dan’l cou which is slang french for hole in neck. My sisters always has really good names for her teddy bears….. 

Or  maybe the time we were in the car fighting over a snapped elastic and she really wanted the elastic (probably to hurt me) but then all of a sudden my mom had to brake for a deer and I decided to yell we’re all gonna die and my sister being a smart alec decided to say in a completely monotone voice ‘If we’re all gonna die why don’t you just give me the elastic‘. Oh I just wanted to punch her for being sooooo smart….

I got home (at my parents’ place) on Wednesday and was really happy to see her but long story short on Thursday we both had bruises. Man I love her!

I’ve been thinking a lot about her lately especially because I knew I was going to see her again (not that I have been avoiding her or anything). She just lives like so far away… or maybe I’m the one who lives far away…anyway that’s beside the point. I really love her because she’s her and not anyone else, nobody could ever replace her weirdness and cuteness and llamaness (that’s an inside joke, we both really like llamas). She’s like the best little sister (even though she’s taller than me) I could ever ask for. Well actually I asked for her…. 15 years ago I asked my mother to have another sister and she told me that I had to ask God for that. So I prayed, I prayed hard and a few months later my parents told me and my siblings that we were going to have another little brother or sister.

BUT!!! I remember the day she was born. It was a Tuesday and that was the days I had my scout gatherings and because of her ‘important’ birth I had to miss it. To this day I’m still bitter about it. I really need to make amends with that (it’ll take time).

But that being said my sister is really smart. When she was younger she would bite herself and then go tell mom what I (pointing to myself) apparently did. Ugh why did she get the brains of the family?

I love her. Yayamo (her nickname and don’t ask me why. Well actually, I do know why but I don’t think anyone else would understand) is my friend, my really good friend. If we were lobsters I would jump into the pot before her and tell her it’s a hot tube then I would giver her the elastics holding my claws because ‘we’re all going to die’.

Yayamo is sitting me beside me right now and we’re laughing at all our good times. This is a good time of the year to reflect on the good things that happened during the year and in our whole life. How am I bringing her closer to Christ? And what am I learning from her?

I hate to admit this but she’s helping me a lot on my faith journey (and my spelling). She’s teaching me to not be too judgemental and to love even when it hurts (I have bruises to prove this). She bonked me on the head yesterday… after I elbowed her on the hip bone. Ok time to go have fun with shadow puppets… llama shadow puppets with Yayamo.

-My Catholic Living ❤

Oh and merry Christmas and please chill with baby Jesus for me.

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