A full day of awesomeness

I’m living something quite extraordinary this week. I am one of the lucky people who is able to attend something called the Rise Up Conference organized by Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). This is really an eye opening experience.


At first I really didn’t want to go because the plane tickets were just way to expensive but God had other plans for me. I promised my brother that I would keep checking for sales and if I did see one I would buy the tickets and we would go together. Well needless to say one day I opened my Facebook and one of my friends just happened to post a status saying that these specific plane tickets were really cheap. I had to stay true to my promise so I got the tickets and off I went to explore the great city of Montréal.

For those of you who have never heard of CCO here’s a link for more info. They are a super cool ministry! I think if you are a young adult and like meeting a lot of people and engaging in conversation you should apply to have a life changing year.

I have actually never done anything with CCO (other than this conference) but I heard many testimonies and they are incredible. So many people have been touched by this ministry and they keep touching the heart of many more people.

Tonight I was blessed with a really cool situation. So at this conference I know of certain people but I don’t really know them if that makes any sense and because of that I kinda just go from one group to another. I was hanging out with two young women my age then I saw someone who I had not seen for a while so I just walked up to him and had just a short chat when I noticed that it looked like I was interrupting something. The guy I hadn’t seen in a while was with a few other people and just as I had joined their group they had asked a man if they could pray over him. This man had obviously shared a bit about what he was going through but I wasn’t there to hear it. We were in the middle of a food court and we prayed over this man.

Wow! The courage, the beauty, the love these people showed to the man. I was really touched that this man felt comfortable being prayed over in a food court. I won’t ever know what he’s going through but I know I can pray for him. We all need prayer and even if we don’t see it we all know that all prayers get an answer. Sometimes we don’t like the answer we get but the prayer was answered.

Right after this we had adoration. Now imagine this: over 600 people in one room praising our God and yet it felt like it was only God and I. At one point it was so quiet I could hear my runny nose…Yea I caught a cold…. But seriously this silence was beautiful. I know I talked about this before but I see so much beauty in silence. In todays society we avoid silence with iPods, phones, mp3s and all the other electronic device. When was the last time you just stayed in silence?

Well this wasn’t just adoration but we had confession too. Another super cool experience because their were like 30 priest there and almost everyone went to confession. After adoration the mood was just so light and everyone was filled with joy. Mercy does great things to people.

I’ve already seen so many things happen in this year of mercy and can’t wait to see more. Also I wanted to take the time to let you know that I will be going to the Oratory of Saint Joseph tomorrow so if you have any intentions feel free to comment them or to send me an email.

One last thing that struck me. Christianity is the only religion in which one can have a personal relationship with the founder. Think about it, it’s mind blowing eh? What am I doing to keep this personal relationship alive?

-My Catholic Living


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