I love my job

Here I am sitting in my office looking at my schedule for the next three months thinking Why am I working in youth ministry again? I’m frustrated, confused, annoyed, stressed out but so filled with joy!john-14-18-400x400

My schedule is jam packed with a whole bunch of good stuff but how the heck am I going to find the energy to survive? I don’t have a free weekend until mid March and most of my weeks are filled with youth gatherings. This feeling brought me back when I first started working in youth ministry. I thought I would eventually run out of things to talk about and yet new subjects keeps coming up.  Continue reading “I love my job”


Sorry I haven’t been writing much. Like I said before we’re really busy with the different things going on in the Archdiocese.

I went to a place called Pukatawagan which is super isolated. I spent the weekend there with a priest and a sister. We drove (the priest and I) and the sister now lives there. This is a community where we can’t have mass every Sunday because of certain circumstances so they often have lay services. They have no problem with that as long as they have a priest there every once in a while.  Continue reading “Pukatawagan”

La Loche, we’re praying

I just had a really busy weekend and I think the following will explain why I haven’t posted earlier.

So on Friday I went to a very isolated community. We had to take winter roads which are only open during winter when the lakes and rivers freeze. Yep, you got that right, we drove on ice. We figured if Jesus can walk on water than we should be able to drive on ice 😛 Ok, enough heresy back to the subject.

When we got to the community we decided to watch the news (which is something we pretty much never do) and we heard that one of our very active community in the archdiocese had a shooting. It was a very hard day and will only be getting tougher for the families to get over it. Two brothers, a teacher and a tutor got shot to death by a 17 year old boy. What a tragedy this is and what trauma people are going through.

Maybe this is just my Canadian mind but these shootings always seemed so far away even though they happen just over the border (in the USA). But this has affected so many people and it really hit home.

I was actually planning on being in that community and even more specifically in the school when this happen but my plans changed last minute and I went to a different community. I wish I could of been there to support these people but at the same time I’m  also glad I’m out of the way and they don’t need to worry about me.

Click here for more details

Please pray for these hurting families.

My Catholic Living

Haiti I don’t miss you


This title can be misleading. It’s true that I don’t miss Haiti but I miss some of the people. Yes, I do say some because I’ll admit it there are some people that I’m happy are miles and miles away. Last night I was looking at some of the pictures I took when I was there.

The people I miss the most are the kids, my kids. There are three girls in particular that I miss: Eliona, Josette and Kenderly. These were my grade 6 girls that I would help with homework and studying. They were a pain in the butt but they also taught me many things. Teaching children isn’t easy because they have a mind of their own, they want to rebel, they want to do what they want and they think school isn’t important. And to a certain degree I agree with these thoughts. I never cared for school, I wanted to do what I wanted and I would rebel but it’s through this that I learned that there is so much more to our life. Continue reading “Haiti I don’t miss you”

University Life

This basically sums up my university life….. I actually just found my camera with my pictures and I though some of them were quite creative.

My favourite picture out of all of these is the eye. I have a thing for eyes. Eyes are the first thing I notice when I meet people. My eyes are precious because they belong to me and no one can take them away from me. They have seen many things and I take them for granted. God can take this back anytime He wants and yet He permits me to have them for now.

Let me know which one you prefer! I kinda want to get back into photography since I found these pictures.

My Catholic Living


Love your Elders

I have the travelling itch. I don’t want to travel to do some sight seeing but I want tot travel to meet people and hear their stories.

Here’s the deal I have always liked travelling but with a purpose. During the summer just before grade 9 I went to Trois Rivières, Québec on my own and I think that’s where the itch started. This was my first time leaving the comfort of my parents home for such a long time. I only went for three weeks but I do have to say it was great to be far from home. It was also my first time taking a plane so that was exciting.

bible-verses-about-the-elderlySide note on this (and it makes me laugh overtime I think about it). So yes it was my first time on a plane and my ears were hurting so I decided to sleep it off. I had a window seat and put my head against the window. I was sitting beside this really big mennonite woman and she was very kind (thank God). When I opened my eyes I realized that I had done the unthinkable, my head wasn’t against the window anymore but instead it was on this woman’s shoulder Continue reading “Love your Elders”

1 Sheep, 2 Sheep, oh a Squirrel!

Ok this is like trying to explain to someone how to use a spoon when they’ve never needed to use a spoon. To some people it won’t make sense and God bless your soul if you don’t understand and count yourself lucky. I have what people call a sleeping disorder.

So basically I have a strict schedule for bed because if I don’t ever go to bed I don’t think I would ever sleep. I try to be in bed by 10:30 but usually fall asleep between midnight and 5am…

I lay in bed knowing I won’t be asleep for a while so I start praying. Hail Mary… what did I do today? Oh shucks I forgot to send an email, I will send it tomorrow if it’s not too late. Late oh I can’t forget my sisters birthday is coming, she likes llamas, squids and lobsters. Should I do anything for her birthday? What can I do from afar. Speaking of afar when am I going to see my parents next? Next is such a weird word, actually most words with the letter ‘X’ are weird….

So it goes like that for a while. People always tell me Just stop thinking, turn off your brain I can’t do that! And that’s where the problem began, I’m always, always, always thinking about something, like ALWAYS!

And a little update on my little garlic plant. Only like 80 days and it will be ready to harvest!!!

Also, this was my daily meditation and prayer and I thought it was really good so I would share it with you. I especially like the prayer. Let me know what you think about it:IMG_0135This comes from the 24 hours a day book (Alcoholics Anonymous) but can be used with any addictions. You just have to change the word alcohol to whatever sin you are struggling with.