Flight Encounter

Which flyer are you?

I have a hard time starting conversations with random strangers but for some reason when I’m in an airport I tend to talk to just anyone. When I was on the back from the conferrence we had two flights: one from Montréal to Toronto and the second one to Winnipeg.

The first flight was delayed an hour or so but we weren’t in a rush. The flight to Toronto just before us was cancelled so the plane we were getting on was packed! There’s a new thing at the airport that all checked bags cost extra so I had just bought two small carry ons but because was so full they announced that anyone could check in bags for free. Not wanting to carry my bags at the next stop I volunteered. It was nice not needing to carry things around.

When we finally got the boarding call and because I wasn’t in a rush I was one of the last one to board. I can’t stand standing in line and just wait. Why are people so impatient? Everyone is going to board so why rush? Anyway it really doesn’t matter. As I was walking toward my seat I saw someone was sitting in it. I kindly told the gentleman that he was in my spot and he asked me if we could switch. I really didn’t care and I was really tired so I just switched. I was sitting further in the back of the plane with the switch.

When everyone was seated comfortably we get another announcement… they had to de-ice the wings of the plane. Again we had lots of time so I wasn’t worrying. I started talking to the woman whom I was sitting beside. She was pretty cool, we read the same kind of books. Before the lights went off I wanted to read a few pages of my book but my eyes kept closing so I decided to take a rest.

One moment lead to another and when I opened my eyes the guy that was sitting on my left wasn’t there. I was so confused because I thought we hadn’t taken off yet. He came back to his seat and this is when I noticed that we had been in the air for half an hour already.

The guy noticed that I was awake so he took the opportunity to talk to me and the first thing he asked me was are you Catholic? It really caught me off guard because I wasn’t wearing noticeable that would indicate I was Catholic. So I told yes and asked him why he asked me that. He told me I just had this sense. Wow! That’s so powerful. This guy wasn’t Catholic, wasn’t a Christian or religious at all although he was interested in the Catholic faith.

We talked about many things and he was really interested in my life story. I told him about my past and we talked about the reason I am now Catholic today. He seemed very interested and eventually he told me he was wanting to get baptized! Hurray for Johnny! Let’s keep praying for him as he journeys in a new faith journey. And he’s a pretty chill guy.

I wanted to talk to him after we landed but we just went our different ways. It’s nice knowing that some people aren’t afraid asking questions about religion and he was pretty blunt about it too which is something I really appreciated. He wasn’t asking questions to argue but rather to understand.

Has anyone random ever come up to you and asked you if you were a Catholic? How did you respond? What would you have done? What was the sense he was getting from me? Was he feeling God’s presence? Keep up the searching Johnny. You’re getting closer to the truth.

-My Catholic Living

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