Clean me!


Cleaning my room….anyone want to do that for me? Ever since I came back from my parents place I’ve been doing the deep clean of my room. For some odd reason I thought I didn’t have enough things so I brought some more stuff…. Not a wise decision because I don’t know where to put it anymore.

I have too many things. It’s not just material things but also things that I’m dealing with inside my mind and heart. The material things I can easily deal with because I really don’t care about most of it. If anyone wants random stuff just let me know and I’ll send it to you. But the things I deal with inside my heart and mind are harder to take care of. I can’t just give it to a friend and not have to deal with it anymore. Just the other day I sent a package in the mail to a friend of mine with random stuff that I won’t have to deal with. But when I’m dealing with a certain sin I can’t just give it to someone and not have to deal with it. Like I have to do a deep clean of my room I have to do a deep clean of my heart.

How am I going to cleanse my mind and soul? Well, by keeping my room clean. A priest once told me that Cleanliness is linked to Godliness. By cleaning my room I am taking the time out of my routine to make my living easier and by doing that I’m taking time out of my day to day life away from electronics, away from work, and away from people just to dig deeper into who I really am. It’s time alone that isn’t necessarily spent in prayer but spent on digging in my deeper self. It’s a time where I go through the twelve steps.

Have I been working on letting go of my own will and following God’s will? Have I been living in the moment rather than the past or the future? I am being me?

These are all challenging questions that I need to think about.

How can I become a better person? What can I do to live out a more holy life? Who is God calling me to be? What is my purpose?

Thinking about all this usually organizes my thoughts. And for me that’s the first step to cleanse my mind and hear because it realigns my purpose.  Next step is taking care of the things that are on my heart and mind but that will be for another time.

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