Good Good Father

943fc8ad1f1697018b9f9f0cac82d1ebI wanted to share a bit on how I welcomed the new year. As you know I was at a conference during that time of the year. We started the evening with mass and he church was packed full, I don’t think I ever seen a church that was so full. It was a beautiful bilingual mass.

After mass we had a banquet with a really fancy meal. I didn’t know which fork or spoon to use because there were like 4 of each! Note to self always start on the outside and go toward the inside with the utensils. After the meal we had a speeches and a video to present where the next conference will be held. The next one is in VANCOUVER!!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend but it’s still pretty cool.

Then the party started! We danced the night away! Because we had people from all over Canada we have a few different count downs until we had the official one. We counted down, hugged and that lead to praise and worship. The air was so light people were in such deep prayer. Hands in the air just worshipping our God. I had tears, many tears especially because one of the songs touched me deeply.

There’s a part in the songs that says:

You’re a good good Father
It’s who You are
It’s who You are
It’s who You are

And I am loved by You
It’s who I am
It’s who I am
It’s who I am
Good Good Father – HOUSEFIRES

I know it’s only been a few days since this conference but I’ve been listening to this song everyday and it has touched me deeply every time. I am loved by God and it’s the core of who I am and He loves me no matter how far I stray away it’s who He is. Such beauty in a song sniff sniff Let me get a tissue paper….

Ok I’m back. I just wanted to end this by saying it doesn’t matter what we have done in the past or who we decided to be what matters is who we are today and who we are striving to be tomorrow. God knows us from the inside out and He only want the best for us. He’s a father waiting with arms wide open. Just trust in Him

Pray this with me:

Almighty God, I put my trust in You and may this year go according to your will. Everything that I am, everything I want to be I lay it down at your feet. Help me to follow your will and let go of my own desires. I know you have great plans for me and I want to fulfill them. God, thank you for creating me in all your greatness and thank you for being my rock to stand on.  I love you.

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