Mystery of the Visitation

On the feast of the visitation I went to mass and our Archbishop preached the homily. He talked about the age e61d7a7cb1eebda61588525cc0a13998-2of Mary (between 8-16) and the age of Elizabeth (50’s or older). I always thought that this mystery of the visitation was so intimate. Me,being a woman, absolutely love children. Anyone whom I’ve encountered knows that.
Conception is so incredible! I mean with a simple act one can conceive a baby. Then this baby is in the mothers womb for a few months then BOOM


this baby is breathing independently. A mother carrying a baby, I didn’t think it could get more intimate than that until I thought about visitation, TWO mothers carrying their babies. And the conversation they have. I don’t really know how to explain what I get out of the visitation but the more I meditate on it the more I’m falling in love with Jesus through Mary.

Anyway I wasn’t expecting talking about that… What I wanted to talk about was what the archbishop was preaching about. He had said that Mary had great respect for Elizabeth even though there was a big age gap and vice versa. We can learn so much from people older than us because they have experience things we haven’t.

But in all honesty I have a hard time opening up to people older than me. I actually have a hard time opening up in general but that’s for another time. The reason I thought about the visitation is because today after mass I decided to stick around for a bit longer. Then this woman who I see almost everyday engaged in a conversation. This woman is in her 60’s and I’m in my 20’s. She really opened up to me, sharing things about her marriage, about her foster children, about her volunteer work. All to say that she trusts me. Why would this woman trust me when I’m just a kid? I guess I won’t know that until I reach her age (if I reach her age…). But until then I can try to open up to her and see where it goes. Strive to be like Mary really open up to others when need be.

I never really felt a closeness to Mary. Many of my friends always talk about her and they just glow when they do so. I’m going to ask for her intercession more often now that I’m more interested in the visitation.

Mary, pray for us.

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