My Little Baby

As all of you know, I absolutely love babies and I could talk about them for hours on end. This is my baby Adrien 🙂 Please pray for him and his family! He was just listening to me playing guitar, looks like he’s going to be a rapper!!! OH my little boy if ever you read this know that I love you very much.

Quick fact about mothers who are breastfeeding. I read that if the baby is cold the breast milk with be warm and if the baby is warm the milk will be cooler. How cool is that? I mean God most of known what He was doing! I wonder if He had a trial and error period, haha! God be saying ‘Yea we’ll have to change that… Or Yea that’s cool we’ll keep that.’God has a sense of humour right? Uh oh maybe because I just said that I’ll spend a few more years in purgatory. Ok I’ll just stick to talking about babies so I don’t get in trouble with God.

So I’ve been babysitting the same baby I’ve talked about in this other post or this one too and probably more that I can’t think of.

This time was a bit special well not really but it felt special because I had not seen him for about two weeks while I was gone on my Christmas break. He has grown so much! He’s almost 2 months old. Awe this cute kid is always bringing me joy.

I love, love, love this kid not just because he’s cute but he’s been teaching much about patience, love and humility.

Also I just want to let you know that I went to confession today! Thank you thank you, thank you for your prayers. I have such a different feeling than last time. I really prepared for this confession I didn’t go just because I had to but I thoroughly examined my conscience and found things that I was just sweeping under the rug without even realizing it and it was pilling up. These things led to other things and it never even crossed my mind to confess it. Either way I had a good confession and I’m refreshed.

I also got a lead on what my vocation might be. I haven’t really talked openly about my vocation journey but until I have a really clear answer I think I’ll keep it in the hush hush but I do have to say that it’s really exciting!

I’m dedicating this week to pray for vocations, for mine and for the vocations of others. For priests, deacons, brothers, sisters, married, laity, single. For all of you, I’m praying that you are serving the way God wants you to serve or that He may guide you to the vocation He has planned for you.

God bless you!

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