Shoes have a Purpose

I was just about to put my shoes so that I could head back to work when I noticed this: unnamed.jpgI know that this might be a bit far fetched but here is what I thought of. We are all different but we are all called to fulfill the same purpose. All of these pairs of shoes are very different (and clearly not all mine) but they all have the same basic purpose. It shows that we fulfill our purpose in different ways. Some people are called to wear the big boots and others are called to wear the moccasins (which are very comfortable). We are called to be saints but our road to get there is different. For some people the road might mean going to university and minister to our profs, for others it mean raise a family and for someone else it might mean working in a bakery and talking with the people who come in to buy fresh bread every morning.

As I was writing this I thought about something else. All these shoes have a sole, all humans have a soul. Without a soul we would be useless just like a pair of shoes without soles. We have to protect our soul and keep it clean. Sometimes we share our shoes with other people and sometimes people have shoes that look the same as ours and yet it’s still a different pair. For example my youngest sister and I share some of our shoes (Not all of them eh eh nudge nudge ) I think I’m to the point that I don’t care if my sisters wear my shoes but I know that my youngest sister cares. She has a really nice pair of red high heels that she wears with a really cute dress (this dress even has pockets) but the last time I asked her if I could wear them she said no… oh well. But I’m saying this because in some aspects we have to share our purpose with others and in other aspects there are things that we have to do own our own. No one else out there can replace me and I’m the only Céline that can do Céline things. My sister can’t do Céline things but she can do Céline similar things.

We’re called to use our gifts and talents to make our world a better place. If we don’t use them we’re letting them go to waste. Just like shoes, if we don’t use our shoes what’s the purpose of getting them?

Which road am I taking to fulfill my purpose?

My Catholic Living ❤



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