O Garlic

My youngest sister loves garlic. Oh I can sense her cringing even though we’re miles and miles apart. Hehe garlic for her has another definition. When she was younger she would get really bad car sickness. One time we were driving in the city, my mother, one of my oldest sisters and my youngest

My little garlic plant.

sister (still in a carseat). All of a sudden my youngest sister was complaining that it was way too hot in the car so my mom opened the windows. And she was doing a bit better but still not doing too well. For lunch we had eaten something with garlic. And then out of no where my youngest sister spewed all over.

My mother in all her quick thinking quickly went into the Canadian Tire parking lot to clean up the mess. The older sister said yuck ça sens le garlic meaning yuck it smells like garlic and went for a walk around the car. 

My sister being the smart person she is (she really is a genius) put two and two together.I just happened to be in the car probably going to the city again with my youngest sister and my mom and my youngest asked if we could open the windows and then she said GARLIC! and puked all over.

Haha now we always laugh at this word. For the longest time she thought garlic meant something else.

Why did I think of garlic? A simple reason, I planted garlic in a pot in my room. I wanted to add life to my room and I wanted something that grew fast. So I planted it about a week ago and I can already see it growing!!!

I like to imagine it as my faith growing. My faith isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago actually it isn’t the same as it was 2 weeks ago. There are parts in my faith that people can’t see growing and that’s the root of the garlic but there’s also the parts on the outside that people can actually notice growing.

I know that I’ve been expanding my heart to God, I know that I’ve been working harder to fulfill His will and this had been paying off. I want to share so much about what’s going on in my prayer life but I’m so not ready for that.

We just have to keep praying that God keeps working in us and that we may fulfill His will even when we don’t understand it. Sometimes we associate two things together when they don’t even go together. Just like my youngest sister, she put garlic and getting sick together. Well for a long time I put living for God with being unhappy. I know it’s false because I’m not unhappy. But I used to think that’s how it was.

What am I doing to stretch my heart to receive His love and mercy? How am I sharing that with those I encounter?

One thought on “O Garlic

  1. Listen Céline you are right, even garlic can help in Faith :). I come from Piemonte, Italy. Here we have the best long chain all over Italy of what we call “social saints” I mean saints who strove to build social structures, either from personal or stimulating civic efforts to intercept poors and destitutes’ needs (let’s think to Sebastiano Valfrè, Cottolengo, don Bosco, Can. Allamano, Giulia di Barolo etc. till the current Don Ciotti ad Ernesto Olivero.
    But we ever here in Piemonte, have also an atypical Winter cookery tradition: the “Bagna Caoda”, that ‘s a only piedmontese recipe (not cooked elsewhere in Italy) that provides anchovies long cooked in milk and oil with abundant garlic finely chopped in. i can assure you it ‘s a superfine delicacy sauce that, when eaten, makes you unapproachable by people up to three days after ahahah! and with your writing I just start thinking now: Is there any misterious link between holiness and… your garlic? ehehe :-P. I take this nice chance to greet you and your little garlic plant, byee 🙂


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