1 Sheep, 2 Sheep, oh a Squirrel!

Ok this is like trying to explain to someone how to use a spoon when they’ve never needed to use a spoon. To some people it won’t make sense and God bless your soul if you don’t understand and count yourself lucky. I have what people call a sleeping disorder.

So basically I have a strict schedule for bed because if I don’t ever go to bed I don’t think I would ever sleep. I try to be in bed by 10:30 but usually fall asleep between midnight and 5am…

I lay in bed knowing I won’t be asleep for a while so I start praying. Hail Mary… what did I do today? Oh shucks I forgot to send an email, I will send it tomorrow if it’s not too late. Late oh I can’t forget my sisters birthday is coming, she likes llamas, squids and lobsters. Should I do anything for her birthday? What can I do from afar. Speaking of afar when am I going to see my parents next? Next is such a weird word, actually most words with the letter ‘X’ are weird….

So it goes like that for a while. People always tell me Just stop thinking, turn off your brain I can’t do that! And that’s where the problem began, I’m always, always, always thinking about something, like ALWAYS!

And a little update on my little garlic plant. Only like 80 days and it will be ready to harvest!!!

Also, this was my daily meditation and prayer and I thought it was really good so I would share it with you. I especially like the prayer. Let me know what you think about it:IMG_0135This comes from the 24 hours a day book (Alcoholics Anonymous) but can be used with any addictions. You just have to change the word alcohol to whatever sin you are struggling with.

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