Burnt Fries, Tasteless Chicken and Weird Dreams

One thing about living in community is that we have to share certain tasks, like doing dishes, cleaning certain areas in the house and COOKING. I am not a cook, I will never be a cook and I don’t want to be a cook. Cooking is not my thing! But to be nice I take my turn cooking (unwillingly) and go through my mother’s cook book to find the simplest recipes I can find. 121029641_1f5e7ad4cf_z.jpg

The first time I cooked I made quiche and it was really good but I didn’t make enough. That’s probably the only time I made something eatable. I made a few meals in between then and now but today was probably the worse. So I thought I would make something fancy…as fancy as Kentucky style fried chicken with fries and a side salad can be.

I got to the kitchen early and made everything as planned. I was talking with my sister on FaceTime while cooking and everything wast going well or so I thought. One of the priest came in the kitchen and said that it smells like something is burning. And out of instinct I said Burnt offerings from me you would refuse. For those of you who don’t know what that means just look up Psalm 51:16. Well, I might of taken it out of context but it felt fitting in the situation.

I couldn’t smell anything burning so I kept working hard on making food and soon enough everything was ready! Then I heard ding! and my heart melted I forgot to take the fries out!!!! I ran to the kitchen and noticed that the fries had turned black…oops…

Well it’s only the fries maybe they’ll just ignore it… The first thing they say when I bring out the food is we’re eating dust for dinner? Oh I knew I was going to get teased but I’m used to it. Whether or not it tastes good I get teased but it’s ok because I can take it.  Anyway so one of the priests complained that there weren’t enough fries so I put some more in the oven hoping that they would eat slow and we could have a bit more fries. But nope they ate fast and by the time the extra fries were ready we were doing the dishes.

So as the title says, the fries were burnt, the chicken was tasteless so yea I don’t think I need to elaborate more about that but weird dreams?

Yea I had a very weird dreams last night and I decided to share it with my housemates. At first we laughed about it but one of the priest looked a bit into it and we found out some pretty cool stuff. Looking into dreams has to be done with care. Don’t let yourself be defined by your dreams and don’t just follow what your dreams say. But there was a part in my dream where I was afraid of something and there is a part in my life right now that brings me much fear. I’m afraid to look into it and the priest just called it out (I had not told him anything about this fear) SCARY!

I was reminded today that God accepts whatever we have to offer him. I worked very hard on this meal and my housemates accepted it. Many times I offer things to God that aren’t much but they mean a lot for me.

And that ladies and gentlemen is just another day in my hectic life….


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