Haiti I don’t miss you


This title can be misleading. It’s true that I don’t miss Haiti but I miss some of the people. Yes, I do say some because I’ll admit it there are some people that I’m happy are miles and miles away. Last night I was looking at some of the pictures I took when I was there.

The people I miss the most are the kids, my kids. There are three girls in particular that I miss: Eliona, Josette and Kenderly. These were my grade 6 girls that I would help with homework and studying. They were a pain in the butt but they also taught me many things. Teaching children isn’t easy because they have a mind of their own, they want to rebel, they want to do what they want and they think school isn’t important. And to a certain degree I agree with these thoughts. I never cared for school, I wanted to do what I wanted and I would rebel but it’s through this that I learned that there is so much more to our life.

This was my time in Haiti in a few pictures.



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