La Loche, we’re praying

I just had a really busy weekend and I think the following will explain why I haven’t posted earlier.

So on Friday I went to a very isolated community. We had to take winter roads which are only open during winter when the lakes and rivers freeze. Yep, you got that right, we drove on ice. We figured if Jesus can walk on water than we should be able to drive on ice 😛 Ok, enough heresy back to the subject.

When we got to the community we decided to watch the news (which is something we pretty much never do) and we heard that one of our very active community in the archdiocese had a shooting. It was a very hard day and will only be getting tougher for the families to get over it. Two brothers, a teacher and a tutor got shot to death by a 17 year old boy. What a tragedy this is and what trauma people are going through.

Maybe this is just my Canadian mind but these shootings always seemed so far away even though they happen just over the border (in the USA). But this has affected so many people and it really hit home.

I was actually planning on being in that community and even more specifically in the school when this happen but my plans changed last minute and I went to a different community. I wish I could of been there to support these people but at the same time I’m  also glad I’m out of the way and they don’t need to worry about me.

Click here for more details

Please pray for these hurting families.

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