Sorry I haven’t been writing much. Like I said before we’re really busy with the different things going on in the Archdiocese.

I went to a place called Pukatawagan which is super isolated. I spent the weekend there with a priest and a sister. We drove (the priest and I) and the sister now lives there. This is a community where we can’t have mass every Sunday because of certain circumstances so they often have lay services. They have no problem with that as long as they have a priest there every once in a while. 

We lay people depend so much on priests and we don’t even realize it. I mean we can’t have mass without a priest and mass should be a very important part of our lives. Thankfully we can have lay services but we still need the priests assistance for that. He needs to consecrate the hosts.

There was a very strong power struggle between the sister and the priest. The priest with whom I went lived there for 4 years so he knows the people, he knows their culture and he know their tradition. The people love him. The sisters hasn’t been there for too long but has already done a lot. She’s getting to know the people but she knows that she will be leaving soon so people don’t really try to get to know her.

When I was with the priest he would complain about the sister and when I was with the sister she would complain about the priest. It was a tension filled weekend and I found it tough. But again a good reminder that every sisters, brother, priest, lay person has a different attitude, a different way of thinking and different ways of approaching things.

God please keep working through the men and women who chose to follow you and please bless especially those who try to contradict you. They are searching for answers in the wrong places and the true answer is You.

This is why I love my job ❤


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