See ya later peeps

This is the first time since I’ve been working here that I’m happy to leave a certain community. Usually I feel sad knowing that I won’t see these people for a few months but this time I’m happy I won’t see them for a while.

I am emotionally drained and yet I have to keep my energy up for the next community. I’m heading to another community later today but what I’ll be doing there is much easier. I will only be giving a quick presentation after masses. I’ve given this presentation a few times already so I don’t have much to prepare.

I will be staying with another priest and I know this one is more compassionate. Maybe he will permit me to have a small rant about what happened on Thursday. Maybe I will be able to have a good confession and I will fully able to accept His forgiveness. I have wanted to go to confession to this priest for a while because he is also a recovering addict and he could really understand how I feel about certain things.

It’s great when we share similar experience with someone else because it gives something to talk about and a deeper understanding of situations. This is what I’m hoping for but whether or not I find the courage to have these conversations is different.

I hope you have a great weekend and please pray that the roads aren’t too icy. I hope to make it to this next community in one piece.

Oh and a side note, the place where I’ll be going later today is super chill! The priest asked me if I wanted to ice fishing with him, one can’t say no to that.  Hurray for ice fishing!!! I promise you guys that if I catch a fish I will post a picture of it. But fishing will have to wait until the next time I go to this community.

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