ce3c204f02bd3321801edb71919e2e24Now I’m not the Latin expert but please correct me if I’m wrong. If I’m not mistaken Sapientia means wisdom in Latin…. If there’s a Latin expert reading this and if you know I’m wrong please correct me.

Today our lunch conversation was all about wisdom. Is wisdom obtained, is it given are we born with wisdom. These are all good questions but before I dive into this what is wisdom?

According to Google wisdom is:
The soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

That being said we might be born with wisdom BUT not the capacity of using it. Once we start remembering is when we can start using this gift of wisdom. I’m a strong believer of infant baptism and this mean that the children baptized receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit even before they know how to use them. But does that mean that someone who isn’t baptized doesn’t have the gift of the Holy Spirit? Well now I’m not an expert on this but I believe that anything is possible for God so I believe it’s still possible from someone who isn’t baptized to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Baptism is the sacrament of initiation just like confession is the sacrament of penance. What I’m trying to get to is that someone can be baptized and not use the gifts just like someone can go to confession but not be absolved. This means that someone who isn’t baptized can still use their sense of wisdom but they don’t know it’s from God. Just like someone can still be forgiven without going to confession. God holds us accountable to what we know. The more we know the more God will ask from us.

So why don’t we stop learning and just live for our earthy desires? Well, if we are being ignorant then we are being held accountable for that too.

Wisdom is also something we have to work on. I have to work on it by learning from my experience, I have to work on it by researching, I have to work on by listening to other people.

Age doesn’t mean someone is wiser but rather experience and understanding lead to wisdom. For example if someone who 60 years old, single, still lives with his mommy and daddy, has never travelled, has never had a job then this person doesn’t have much life experience to gain wisdom compared to another person who bought a house, is married, has 5 kids, works and travels once a year.

This is from the O’ Antiphon: O Wisdom, you came forth from the mouth of the Most High and, reaching from beginning to end, you ordered all things mightily and sweetly.  Come, and teach us the way of prudence. 



 All of this to say that God I need your help, I need you to help me be more wise so that I may better understand your will for me so that I may better follow you. Jesus, my sweet Jesus I love you please guide me to be the woman you are calling me to be.
My Catholic Living ❤

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