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Ice Ice baby!


This morning kinda felt like this:

Last night I forgot to go grocery shopping and I knew some of the people in the house wanted milk for breakfast. So early this morning (and by early I mean 8 o’clock) I went to the store to get some milk and oranges. It was a nice walk and it felt like it was going to be a nice warm day. The snow was melting yesterday which meant that there was a thin layer of ice everywhere.  Read the rest of this entry

God and guns


I learned that guns really scare me. I got the opportunity to shoot two guns and it was a thrill. I would of practiced more but I wasn’t dressed warm enough and I was freezing.


I was warming up in the truck while my brother and sisters were target shooting. For some reason I started thinking of the show Mantracker. This show has to be fake because it’s being filmed. I mean these cameramen have to be following the trackers and the tracks. There’s awesome camera angles which means that some of it has to be planned ahead.

Read the rest of this entry

He is risen! Il est vivant!


Wow! This weekend passed by like a lightning flash. One day I was with my family and the next day I was back home (still trying to wake up from a long bus ride). I only got home this morning and now I’m at work. I pray this day is busy and it distracts me from being so tired.

This morning I have to work on a youth leadership workshop. I accepted to give it because it goes directly with youth ministry but I just don’t know where to start. The theme of it is Leaders must be Learners. I quite enjoy this theme because I myself try to live by it, this could be some sort of motto.

Speaking of leadership, I got to my parents place on Friday morning and was lucky enough to spend a bit of time with one of my nieces before heading out again for the way of the cross. By spending time with my niece this is what I mean….DSC_0672.JPG Read the rest of this entry

Easter Triduum



Last night as I was going to bed I was thinking When am I ever going to see my family again? I haven’t seen my family in what seems like forever (even though I did see them at Christmas.

I was just about to fall asleep and BAM! Ok I have work tomorrow and Thursday but I’m not working on Friday. The bus leaves in the evening and I travel all night… This means that I’m leaving in two work days. Yay!!! I get to see my family on Friday because I’m leaving Thursday evening. 

Family here I come! The long bus ride is so worth it. According to the bus ticket I will be leaving at 10:30 PM and I will get to the big city at 7:30 AM and then there’s another 2 hour drive to get to my parents place. I enjoy traveling and it doesn’t bother me much. Actually these days I find it harder to travel when I’m not changing time zones (because that’s what happens when I travel with work). But, the travel is always worth it. Read the rest of this entry

Pinehouse Retreat


This weekend I went to a community called Pinehouse. This is about an 8 hour drive but a good time to renew my love for God. About 15 minutes in the drive I thought Boy would it be cool to see a moose today. I had never seen a moose but boy o’ boy have I ever tasted them.

Moose meat is so good and from what I know it’s healthy too (please don’t prove me otherwise).

About 5 hours in the drive I was following a van, this van was going a good speed and so I wasn’t going to pass this van. Then all of sudden Read the rest of this entry



So I told my youngest sister that I will be going back home for Easter and the first word uttered by her very small mouth were EWWW (this was actually narrated by my sister)… Feel the love….

I talked to her over the Internet last night and we had a nice long chat about the reproductive system (this is what she’s currently studying). Oh man this brings me back to high school especially because she has the same teachers as I did.

Oh and on a side note, I asked her if I could post a picture of her and I and she agreed! Great… I wasn’t expecting her to say that and now that I asked, I have to do it.  I took a picture of her and I as we were chatting last night. Doesn’t she look like a genius? Read the rest of this entry

Looking for music


Hey peeps!

I’m looking to broaden my music repertoire. Please send me the song you’re listening to non stop right now. Also, send me your all time favourite song or even your cheer up song.

Speaking of music, I want to give a shout out to my youngest sister whom I’m going to name44433f_4f689883955641309c5c675ff5bffc92 Mademoiselle Goule. Mlle Goule has been working a lot on her piano and guitar skills. She’s been encouraging me to practice guitar even more.

Yo bruh, I don’t
know if you’re reading this but thank you so much for enduring me while I thought I could sing and play guitar. I know I can’t play and sing at the same time and you made that clear to me, haha.  Read the rest of this entry

Thoughts o’mania



Cough cough AAAtchooo sniffle sniffle cough cough

That’s the sound of my new jam. It’s a chill jam eh? UGH! My eyes are so watery that it looks like I’m crying all day. Ok, enough complaining.

As many of you know I really enjoy swimming. When I was in school I would take swimming lessons but since I moved out of the comfort of my parents house I stopped swimming. I would swim for fun every once in a while but it wasn’t as fulfilling as before because it felt like it didn’t have a purpose.

Now if I say that I swim for exercise I would be lying. Yes, swimming is exercise but that’s not why I do it. The real reason why I swim is to distract myself from my day to day life. It’s to stop thinking about work and allowing myself to think about my own personal life. I really like deep thinking and when I swim it’s like I’m in my own world. Sometimes the swimmer in the lane beside mine starts talking to me and I don’t answer not because I didn’t hear them or because I don’t want to, it’s just because I’m so concentrated on my thoughts.  Read the rest of this entry

Spiritual Goggles


A cold won’t stop me! On Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat and the first thing I thought was it finally got to me. Everyone around me has been sick with either a cold or the flu and I rarely get sick but when I do, it starts in my throat.

Friday was very relax, we had a meeting in the morning which kept me busy and we always have Friday afternoons off. It was great because it gave me time to rest… yea rest… that’s what I wish I did. Instead I worked on the jigsaw puzzle I started a while back while listening to an educational youtube series.  Read the rest of this entry