Relax, take a breather and continue!

Busy, busy and ugh busy, well actually no not really ugh busy but a I’m glad I have a day off busy. We had a family retreat for the eastern side of the archdiocese during the weekend, on Tuesday we had the Chrism mass and on Wednesday we had a fundraiser lunch. I took Wednesday off because I was running on empty.


Before I continue, you have to understand that I very rarely drink coffee but at this luncheon I decided to have a cup of coffee, it was really strong and I didn’t enjoy it but it was hot and it warmed me up. After that a sister asked me if I wanted to go out with her to get a haircut. I always do things on a whim so I decided to get a haircut as well. I had so much energy sitting in that chair and I also had the jitters. Coffee has a strong effect on my because I don’t drink it often. I was fully alive, awake, eyes wide open but my mind was like brah you need to sleep! I was definitely on some sort of high.

Then we had the great idea to go out for coffee again, we went to Tim Horton (a very Canadian place) and I just couldn’t contain myself. My knees wouldn’t stop moving, I was tapping my fingers on the table (doing finger sit ups) and even playing with the cream. I had a french vanilla and it was too good, very sweet but tasty. This probably explains why I’m getting so many zits and pimples on my face, too much sweet stuff. I’m saying this as I’m eating a rice krispy square……

Today I’m back in the office and it feels like Monday. Something that came to mind as I was thinking about what I would be talking about in my blog is Mary. I love mommy Mary, she is very awesome and someone I look up to. Is Mary perfect? No. Ok many people reading this are probably like uh oh Céline is about to say something that is false. Yes Mary  was sinless but she wasn’t perfect. What do I mean by that? Mary still made mistakes, she might of cooked her beef stew too long or her drop her bowl of soup while to the dinner room. Someone who makes mistakes can’t be perfect. The only person who can be perfect is our God and no one is greater than Him.

I read about this in the book The Name of God is Mercy and I strongly encourage others to read this book. It’s an easy read but there is so much depth to it.

-My Catholic Living

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