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7c340837143b57674e13f734c840484bHey peeps!

I hope this weather has been treating you well. Here it’s like really cold one day then just below zero the next day. Oh right this is being read all over the world including the state so I have to specify and say that we measure the temperature in celsius here.

It’s funny how something can be a blessing for one person and yet a burden for someone else. This morning I woke up, looked outside and I noticed that there was a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. It looked so fresh, clean and new. It reminded me that today is a new day and whatever feelings or emotion I had the previous day it doesn’t matter because it’s a beginning and maybe even a new approach.

This week was pretty relax, I got to go out with a few of the ladies, I got to sleep a bit, swim and even read! I’m not a big fan of reading but when I have the time to read I still read. I’m reading the book ‘The Name of God is Mercy’ and it’s really good. I read it a few times already but I’ve been catching things that I missed. 

I don’t have the book with me as writing this but there was a part where it says that shame is a grace. Don’t confuse shame and guilt. Shame is a grace from God because it’s a reminder that we are in need of His mercy. Guilt is was keeps us away from God. When we feel guilty we try to hide from God but when we feel ashamed we know that we have to face God in our brokenness.

A shattered heart is pleasing to God. Another statement with much truth. Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure should take care not to fall. (Corinthian 10:12)
[10:1213Take care not to fall: the point of the whole comparison with Israel is to caution against overconfidence, a sense of complete security (1 Cor 10:12). This warning is immediately balanced by a reassurance, based, however, on God (1 Cor 10:13).

All of this means we have to be careful about where we stand with God, when our pride takes over is when we have to remind ourselves that we are nothing without God. Let go and let God.

When was the last time I thought I was standing on solid ground? What did I do when I noticed the ground wasn’t solid?

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