Be Not Afraid


I often think God doesn’t test us when He knows that we really love Him. He wouldn’t test me. That is so false. This week I received some news about one of my sister-in-law. These really aren’t good news and it’s putting her life and her baby’s life in danger. But I know this is God saying to me Are you really trusting me? Which is more important your will or my will? 

Which is more important your will or my will? This is a question I struggle with. I know His will is much better than mine but my will looks more attractive. Why can’t I make our wills align? Aligning our will with someone else’s is a challenge. Just like making plans with a friend can be a challenge. It’s a give and take situation, sometimes I have to make time to go see a friend but other times they have to make time to come and see me.

This is where living one day at a time comes in handy. This morning in my daily meditation I read this :
Where are the pleasures and joys of last year? Gone and forgotten. If they made me worse, I shall find death and judgement a little harder to face. Why do I fail to value things according to God’s way of thinking? (My Daily Bread, Confraternity of the Precious Blood)

I needed to think about this because I often live for instant gratification when in fact I should live for God and not myself. I need to lose myself in His love and let go. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. What the reasons are we don’t always know.

One day with God leads to a deeper love, a deeper understand and an openness to His will. God, may your will be done.

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