I’m challenging you


Now I know for sure He’s challenging me especially after my morning meditation. This meditation was called Holy Indifference and it’s taken from the same book I quoted from yesterday.

This one hit me so hard so I will quote a part of it again:

MY CHILD, let Me do with you as I please. I know what is best for you. You think as a human being, so that your judgement are often influenced by your feelings, moods or prejudices.

2. I take better care of you than you could ever take of yourself. Anyone who does not give Me his whole-hearted attention and loyalty, is taking a great risk. I alone can lead you to eternal life. Let Me do with you as I please. Whatever I do will always be best for you.

God made me for the perfect life of Heaven. Whatever He sends is sent with this goal in view. Some things I can remedy and improve in my daily life, while other things are beyond my control….

My God and my All, You made and control all things in my daily life. How can I forget this truth and complain about anything? Grant me the holy dispositions which you mentioned a moment ago. Make me equally willing to receive from Your hand the sweet and the bitter, the joy and the sorrow. I thank you now for whatever You decide to send me. Only keep me from sin, and I shall fear neither weather nor hell. As long as You do not separate me from You forever, nor blot me out of the book of life, whatever suffering comes to me will not hurt me for long. Grant me the grace to see, love, and prefer You Will in everything that happens to me today.

God is calling me to trust more in Him, He’s been telling me this in many different ways this past month but now it’s really clear.

What has God been calling you to do?

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