Thoughts o’mania


Cough cough AAAtchooo sniffle sniffle cough cough

That’s the sound of my new jam. It’s a chill jam eh? UGH! My eyes are so watery that it looks like I’m crying all day. Ok, enough complaining.

As many of you know I really enjoy swimming. When I was in school I would take swimming lessons but since I moved out of the comfort of my parents house I stopped swimming. I would swim for fun every once in a while but it wasn’t as fulfilling as before because it felt like it didn’t have a purpose.

Now if I say that I swim for exercise I would be lying. Yes, swimming is exercise but that’s not why I do it. The real reason why I swim is to distract myself from my day to day life. It’s to stop thinking about work and allowing myself to think about my own personal life. I really like deep thinking and when I swim it’s like I’m in my own world. Sometimes the swimmer in the lane beside mine starts talking to me and I don’t answer not because I didn’t hear them or because I don’t want to, it’s just because I’m so concentrated on my thoughts. 

Thoughts are such a weird thing. I mean right now I could think about a blue cat juggling chainsaws while running away from a mouse, I could think about my faults or again I could think about that cute dress I can’t wait to wear this summer. Now why am I saying this?

Are we in charge of our thoughts? To a certain degree yes but we also have to remember that God might put something in our thoughts. Can I control my thoughts? Again, yes, but only to a certain degree.

The reason I say only to a certain degree is because God has allowedjust-keep-swimming us to do things. God has given us free will but if He really doesn’t want us to do certain things He will prevent it from happening. Free will is from God but He also knows exactly who we are, He knows what is best for us.

This means that we have to understand that all our thoughts come from ourselves but through God. If it weren’t for God, thoughts wouldn’t exist.

Now, I encourage you to think about this: We are the result of a single thought of God. If God stopped thinking about us we wouldn’t exist. What am I doing to deserve to be thought about?

My Catholic Living ❤

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