Pinehouse Retreat

This weekend I went to a community called Pinehouse. This is about an 8 hour drive but a good time to renew my love for God. About 15 minutes in the drive I thought Boy would it be cool to see a moose today. I had never seen a moose but boy o’ boy have I ever tasted them.

Moose meat is so good and from what I know it’s healthy too (please don’t prove me otherwise).

About 5 hours in the drive I was following a van, this van was going a good speed and so I wasn’t going to pass this van. Then all of sudden I was confused because the van kept hitting the break, we were slowing down and just as I was going to react in a way I shouldn’t of I see a moose running across the road and all I could say was Thank you God!

God was definitely pursuing me in that event. I know that moose was there specifically for me. This moose was really tall, long legs and dark, almost black. This is not how I pictured them. Sure I often seen pictures and paintings of moose but it’s always different seeing them in person.

This reminded me that God knows the desires in our heart even though we don’t even tell Him.

These are a few pictures from the drive and from the retreat.


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