Easter Triduum


Last night as I was going to bed I was thinking When am I ever going to see my family again? I haven’t seen my family in what seems like forever (even though I did see them at Christmas.

I was just about to fall asleep and BAM! Ok I have work tomorrow and Thursday but I’m not working on Friday. The bus leaves in the evening and I travel all night… This means that I’m leaving in two work days. Yay!!! I get to see my family on Friday because I’m leaving Thursday evening. 

Family here I come! The long bus ride is so worth it. According to the bus ticket I will be leaving at 10:30 PM and I will get to the big city at 7:30 AM and then there’s another 2 hour drive to get to my parents place. I enjoy traveling and it doesn’t bother me much. Actually these days I find it harder to travel when I’m not changing time zones (because that’s what happens when I travel with work). But, the travel is always worth it.

During this bus ride I will be reading The Name of God is Mercy again and I will be listening to music praying and hopefully sleep so that I will be ready to live well the Triduum.

If I’m not posting much it’s because I will be busy hanging out with my family and especially Mlle Goule.

Have a good Holy week,

My Catholic Living

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