He is risen! Il est vivant!

Wow! This weekend passed by like a lightning flash. One day I was with my family and the next day I was back home (still trying to wake up from a long bus ride). I only got home this morning and now I’m at work. I pray this day is busy and it distracts me from being so tired.

This morning I have to work on a youth leadership workshop. I accepted to give it because it goes directly with youth ministry but I just don’t know where to start. The theme of it is Leaders must be Learners. I quite enjoy this theme because I myself try to live by it, this could be some sort of motto.

Speaking of leadership, I got to my parents place on Friday morning and was lucky enough to spend a bit of time with one of my nieces before heading out again for the way of the cross. By spending time with my niece this is what I mean….DSC_0672.JPGWhat can I say? I was tired.

It keeps amazing me how much someone can love me. What do I mean by this? I don’t often see my nieces and nephews but every time I see them it’s like they don’t want to let go of me.20160328_130145 I tried living every moment at its fullest but it was hard with so many kids around and I made sure I had quality time with each and every single one of them. These kids are growing so fast. They are now involved in sports, after school activities, losing teeth and needing haircuts. I love them ❤

I also got news on my youngest nephew, he now has a name but isn’t born yet. This is the pregnancy that my sister in law is having complications with but there is nothing to worry because it’s all in God’s hands. We’re taking it one day at a time. I’m so happy to see the parents in such good spirits knowing that this is a hard thing to go through.

Please keep praying for daddy, mommy and baby as they keep journeying closer to God. Also on a side note, this baby will have the best Godmother ever. Yes, you guessed it, they asked me if I would accept being this baby’s Godmother and with a big smile on my face and tears streaming from my eyes I accepted.

I feel honoured that someone would trust me this much with the faith. I know he will learn the faith at home but also knowing that they are asking me for the extra help is such a blessing. It’s kinda funny how things works because about a month and a half ago our dinner conversation was all about Godparents and how their role in our society has changed. I had inquired about where the origin of Godparents and on what their role actually is other than giving gifts. Before even knowing I was to become a Godmother I was doing research on it. God put that desire in my heart and allowed me to learn about it before being chosen to pursue it. God works in mysterious ways.

When was the last time you did something without knowing why and somehow later it all made sense with God’s plan? I feel like this happens often in my life.

Happy Easter! He is risen, He is truly risen. And here is a song for all the french speakers.



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