God and guns

I learned that guns really scare me. I got the opportunity to shoot two guns and it was a thrill. I would of practiced more but I wasn’t dressed warm enough and I was freezing.


I was warming up in the truck while my brother and sisters were target shooting. For some reason I started thinking of the show Mantracker. This show has to be fake because it’s being filmed. I mean these cameramen have to be following the trackers and the tracks. There’s awesome camera angles which means that some of it has to be planned ahead.

How often are we someone different when we know other people are watching? I mean, I don’t act the same way when I’m on my own then when I’m hanging out with my family. When I’m on my own I can think more about myself rather than when I’m with other people.

If I’m on my own I tend to let go more, eat that extra cookie, spend more time painting, work on that puzzle, it’s easier to ignore certain things. If I’m alone in my living room my music is very loud and I dance like crazy. But it’s different when I have a friend over. My music is either off or very quiet and if I dance I don’t go crazy.

But what I tend to forget is that God is always watching. He knows my crazy dance moves and He knows if I take that extra cookie. He doesn’t need a cameraman to report to him because He can see everything from His own eyes. How many times have I gone against Him thinking just this onceNo one will know, no one is watching. God is always watching, we can’t hide from Him.

What can I do to remind myself that God is always watching?

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