Ice Ice baby!

This morning kinda felt like this:

Last night I forgot to go grocery shopping and I knew some of the people in the house wanted milk for breakfast. So early this morning (and by early I mean 8 o’clock) I went to the store to get some milk and oranges. It was a nice walk and it felt like it was going to be a nice warm day. The snow was melting yesterday which meant that there was a thin layer of ice everywhere. 

As long as it didn’t snow today it wouldn’t be too icy. When I got back from shopping I quickly ate breakfast, cleaned up my room a bit, worked on an animation, brushed my teeth and headed out for mass.

I had my chill time with God. Lately I have been struggling with a specific thing in my life and I felt at peace during mass. Maybe I worry too much about it and should just let go of it but that’s easier said than done.

Ok now you have to understand that by the time I went to mass I had changed my outfit a few times. I changed from my pjs to sweats to go to the store, I changed for mass and I changed to go to work. It’s a really short walk to work but sometimes it feels like it’s miles and miles (it’s not even 100 meters away).

Today I knew as soon as I walked out the second time that something was going on. There was an ambulance in the parking lot. Now before I keep going you have to understand that the hospital is literally right across the street. Must be pretty bad if they needed an ambulance for such a short distance. I was just about to walk into the parking lot and BAM slip, fall and break the ice and water everywhere. My left knee was soaked with ice water, it was hurting so I turned around to go change my pants again.

Right when I turned around I see the Anglican pastor walking toward the house. Ugh I know she saw me fall…. Well, I guess I can go welcome her then change my pants.

As I head back to the office, taking it one step at time to make sure I don’t fall and I notice that not only was there one person but two people on the ground. Oh no this can’t be good. 

The first one slipped and fell, he hurt his hip and his pelvis. The second one was coming to the rescue of the first one and fell as well, he blacked out. Both are in the hospital right now.


If you have a few extra prayers please pray for these people who have been slipping and falling on the ice. Also as I’m typing this I just got news that someone else fell across the street and had to be rushed to the hospital.

It’s that kind of day eh. God please make this snow and ice melt really fast.

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